Another bonus to the SUPER BONUS at Get’s Bet


Bookmaker log
More than you think!
by George Radu

The bookmaker log at Get’s Bet continues its path! We have enjoyed a beautiful period, full of achievements, meaning important gains from our clients, generated also by the promotions of the betting shop.
Very important and interesting, because it has been played such that the tickets obtain also the advantage an additional gain following the promotion, denominated Super Bonus! We mention that the winning tickets which contain minimum 6 played events benefit of a Bonus to a gain between 5% and 100%! As minimum condition, the odds must be higher or equal with 1.25. Another promotion, of 10% to gain, is added!
First of all, we present you a ticket with 9 events, played by a handyman” on the inferior British and Brazilian leagues, to which a match of the 2nd League of Romania is added as ingredient. It is about Turris Turnu Magurele – Gloria Buzau, where the bet was on goals (over 2.5), the redemption coming in the minute 90+1, when the goal 3 was scored! The stake was a modest one, 9.52 lei (10 lei with fees), the odds between 1.80 and 2.25, thus that only the resulted bonus was 1.167,82 lei! And the gain, an excellent one of more than 5.000 lei (photo 1). It has to be mentioned that the Bonus is 20% to which another bonus has been added, as promotion of 10%.
Also, at Super Bonus, with Additional Bonus of 10%, another better played, on a ticket with a minimum of events which qualifies to the promotion, namely 6. A courageous ticket, because 5 of them have been played at total of goals, including at over 3.5. One soloist, from the Belarus championship, as for the rest, at goals, the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain championships were the preferred ones. At a total stake of 100 lei, a surplus of 775 lei resulted only from bonuses and a gain of more than 6.000 lei (photo 2).
Thus, if we talk about inspiration, we must appreciate a beautiful ticket, which contains 4 events, with matches from the Germany, Belgium, Italy and Spain football championships. An excellent combination with twice GG, a P 2.5 and a soloist, which have led to an odd of 6.52. As the total stake was 568 lei, it resulted a gain of more than 3.500 lei! (photo 3).
We end the incursion with a ticket with one event, from Bundesliga: Wolfsburg – Union Berlin prognostic 1. Nothing spectacular, you would say, only that for the victory of hosts, a good team in front of a newly promoted team, the odd was an excellent one, 1.82, and the stake an impressive one: 2.100 lei! It is true, it has been a short victory, 1 – 0, but the total resulted gain has been of 3.640 lei, meaning a clean benefit of over 1.500 lei (photo 4).


Consequently, our advice is to take advantage of the promotions offered by Get’s Bet, this Bonus to the Super Bonus is an unique one on the betting market of Romania, but also of the high odds from the offer. To combine the inspiration with the variety from the offer, rewarded by the multitude of promotions from us, this can be the key to beautiful gains!
The story of the most important betting house with 100% Romanian capital continues!