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Like any respectable Romanian brand, Get’s Bet has associated its name with a Romanian sports brand, Marius Lacatus.

Like the great names of world football, such as Andrea Pirlo, Steve McManaman, Harry Redknapp or Gianluigi Buffon, Get’s Bet is proud of a brand transfer, one of the most important football players in Romania’s history, Marius Lacatus.
At a press conference, as football clubs do, when presenting an important name, Cristian Roman – Get’s Bet general manager and George Radu – Get’s Bet executive director announced the former No. 7 of the Steaua and the national team of Romania.
Number 7 is Get’s Bet number too, because we value the same 7 important values, as does Marius Lacatus: seriousness, dedication, loyalty, innovation, professionalism, champion attitude and courage!
“It’s something new to me and it’s a challenge, I wish to carry out. I am very interested in the impact I will have during this period and I am sure my name and Get’s Bet will grow a lot. That means that in the sports market, the name Marius Lacatus counts enormously. I am very pleased to be with Get’s Bet, a 100% Romanian brand and I am convinced, that we will form a valuable team. I don’t want to stop here, I’m going to get involved in my new mission, to be the ambassador of a serious company. I’m sure there were a lot of sports personalities on the list of choices, and for me it’s a new challenge and I feel honored. I will try to make it in such a way, so that the image of Get’s Bet grows a lot, because we can already see the results of the rebranding process, started last year. I noticed that betting has become a social phenomenon in Romania, the people are very involved, Get’s Bet has also been involved in Romanian football, at Hermannstadt, so there is a close connection between the two phenomena and I am glad, that I am now part of the Get’s Bet family,” Marius Lacatus said.
At his turn, Cristian Roman, CEO of Get’s Bet, explained, why Marius Lacatus was elected Ambassador of Get’s Bet: “Marius Lacatus’s choice is an ideal way to promote and consolidate the brand Gets Bet. In 2018 we decided to rebrand, to achieve modern trends and we will not stop here. We all remember Marius Lacatus, as one of the greatest footballers Romania, has ever had, and we, a 100% Romanian company, could only stop at a huge name. “
George Radu, the CEO of Get’s Bet concluded that Lacatus’s name leads your thoughts to integrity, seriousness and professionalism: “We wanted to have a hard name with us in Romanian football, a person without career spots, a man of integrity, so we reached Marius Lacatus. He will be the image of Get’s Bet in the next period.“

Marius Lacatus

Get’s Bet is the top brand in Romania, in terms of franchise partnerships with nearly 600 sports betting agencies. The success of Get’s Bet has made emulators in the field, many trying to imitate this business model, but without succeeding to overcome the unquestionable popularity among partners in the field of gambling. This year, Get’s Bet is the only profile company that offers commission to partners in all 4 directions: retail, online, terminals and slots.

Ambassador of Get’s Bet, not a coach any more

Even though in recent years he has coached teams such as Otelul Galati, Ceahlăul Piatra Neamt, Inter Gaz Bucharest, UTA Arad, Steaua Bucharest, FC Vaslui, FCM Targu Mures, CSMS Iasi and the last experience from CSA Steaua, in the IV League, Marius Lacatus explained during the presentation conference as Get’s Bet ambassador, that he does not think about signing with any football team in Romania. “Not to believe, that if I coached CSA Steaua in the IV league, I will go to any team in the country and any league. Steaua has represented and represents something for me and my career as a sportsman and that’s why, I agreed to start with them this fourth league project, but that does not mean that Marius Lacatus will train anytime, anyone and in any league. I do not suffer from a financial point of view and I am not in a position to go training, to be able to support my family. I am very quiet, if a good offer will come, it is OK, if not, it is well again. I have had offers from small teams, I respect them, but it does not mean, that if I was with Steaua in the IV league, I would die at this level. There have been several challenges in recent years, and I chose, where I felt it with my soul, as it has now happened with Get’s Bet. It is a serious company, with professional people, where the impact was seen on a short term. There are already over 600 sports betting agencies, and this shows, that we are talking about a very successful business model,” explained that with the nickname “the beast”.
Lacatus did not have to remain owing an answer to Gigi Becali either, and as Get’s Bet presented him as an integral man, the former Star No. 7 replied to the FCSB financier: “Is anything new, that Becali makes the team and imposes players? This is him and I don’t think, he will change anymore and he will probably not have another attitude, in the near or distant future. He has often said, that this is how he collaborates with all those, who are there in the club. And who wants to go, goes, who doesn’t, doesn’t. I mean, everyone who goes there, knows where he is going. And they know what awaits them, practically. I would never go there! I repeat, I am now concerned about the cooperation with Get’s Bet, where we are preparing many surprises and I want to do great things!”.

The talent of Tampa becomes the symbol of Steaua

Mihai Marius Lacatus, was born on April 5, 1964, in Brasov. The first team he played with as a professional was FC Brasov, where he was signed on in 1977. Due to his qualities, the speed, the confusing dribbling and the percussion power, he was transferred, in 1983, to Steaua Bucharest. Here he obtained, together with the team, an impressive record: ten national champion titles, seven Romanian Cups, the European Super Cup in 1987 and the European Champions Cup in 1986. He participated in three final international tournaments with the National team of Romania: The World Championship in Italy – 1990, The World Championship in France – 1998 and The European Championship in France – 1996, playing 84 times in the first team, for which he scored 13 goals. It has evolved 414 times in the A division, scoring 103 goals for the FC Steaua Bucharest team and at the end of 1999 was declared Romanian football goal scorer, according to the encyclopedia cited.
In the final of the European Champions Cup, played in Seville, Spain, against FC Barcelona, in which Steaua Bucharest prevailed with the score of 2-0, one of the goals that brought the victory of the Romanians was scored by Lacatus, out of a draw, the other being scored by Gabi Balint.

Two goals in the gate of the great Dasaev

At the Italian World Championship in 1990, Lacatus scored two of the four goals of the Romanian national team, which reached the last sixteen rounds, where it lost to penalties with Ireland. The two goals he scored in the match with the USSR, 2-0 for Romania, in Bari, in the gate of the great Rinat Dasaev.
In 1990 he was transferred to Fiorentina, Italy, then played in Oviedo, Spain in 1991. Since 1993 he has returned to Steaua. Lacatus was part of the Romanian teams that participated in the Final Tournament of the European Championship in England (1996) and in the Final Tournament of the World Championship in France (1998). On December 4, 1997, he played for the representative team of Europe, in Marseille, against the selected team of the world, on establishing the groups of the Final Tournament of the 1998 World Championship. In 2000, Marius Lacatus left the Steaua sports club to become a player and second coach and, later, the head coach of FC National. In 2001 he was second coach in Panama, working together with Mihai Stoichita on the national team of this country.
After 2002 he was coach, one at a time, at Otelul Galati, Ceahlaul Piatra Neamt, Inter Gaz Bucharest, UTA Arad, Steaua Bucharest, FC Vaslui, FCM Targu Mures, CSMS Iasi. From December 2016 until the summer of 2019, Lacatus has been the trainer-coordinator of the football section of CSA Steaua Bucharest, the sports club of the Army. From now on, he is the ambassador of Get’s Bet and we want to succeed together, aiming at the peak of sports values.

Get’s Bet invites you to the Entertainment Arena Expo

Get’s Bet is pleased to invite you to the Entertainment Arena Expo, the international exhibition addressed to the casino and betting industry, during three days, on September 3-5, 2019, at booth 403-404, within the Romexpo Bucharest exhibition complex.
Get’s Bet is the top brand in Romania in terms of franchise partnerships with nearly 600 sports betting agencies.
Since last year, Get’s Bet has become the only company from the industry offering commission to partners in all 4 directions: retail, online, terminals and slots.
At Entertainment Arena Expo, you can become a Get’s Bet partner by this simplest way. We only have to take a few steps: we meet at the booth, we see the hall, we sign the contract and after the hall arrangement we open the agency!
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