The Journal of a Bookmaker
Episode 6
by George Radu

So Entertainment Arena Expo 2018 has gone, where Get’s Bet was present and played an important role! You saw us, you liked us, new ideas and partnerships were born, and now we’re back at work. Because we need to go on with our activity!

By the way, did you know that a bookmaker’s activity is in a hustle? One that never stops? Regardless of holidays or any free time of the year, bookmakers keep working!
Day and night! You’ll probably ask why! Because sports events take place at any time, somewhere on the globe, and we, who respect ourselves and respect you, must provide them for you, together with the relevant shares!
Our work volume is even greater since Get’s Bet launched the online platform! If until now at night, for example, our mission was to homologate the events deployed in the evening, so that our clients would benefit from their well deserved gains at the opening hour of the agencies, from now our night work volume has increased! We must be there for you, those of you who bet at night, who make bets online or who play live! A difficult, yet pleasant, mission!

That is why, we don’t want you to get us wrong! We’re not complaining, there’s no time for laments! We’re only trying to explain in what consists a bookmaker’s job, a great job, which can be made, first of all, out of passion! Unless you have knowledge about the basic sports notions, unless you hold basic mathematics elements, you cannot develop a passion for this field. But, once developed, it becomes a “bug”. Practically, it becomes an addiction
Therefore, let’s be prepared!
A long and beautiful autumn is ahead of us! The main attraction is, of course, the Champions’ League and Europe League at football, even if Romania no longer has any representative there! We’ll discuss about these events in our future editions. Indeed! Who’s going to be a surprise? We are next to you, trying to provide you a most varied offer, so that your winning chances would get higher! Besides all these, we also put at your disposal various techniques which can help you when making decisions regarding the bets! Statistics is another chapter we’re working on continuously, so that our clients would benefit from the most fresh and relevant information!

GET’S BET’s betting offer remains one of the best and most competitive on the market. Multiple bets and derivatives, live bets, excellent shares, rapid validations and payments, are only some of the characteristics of our offer. Besides the classical sports bets, in our agencies you can make bets at international lotteries or bets on dog races.
The story of the most important 100% Romanian bet house continues.

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