#CasinoLife, the article, when we created we didn’t imagine it was going to be easy.
We were wondering whether we would manage to get your attention every month?
To offer you an article worth reading?

Now, Casino Life & Business Magazine comes with new challenges, so that in the first interview from the series “The Saturday’s interview” we have the honor to chat as well, not only write . Contacted by the magazine’s editorial office, I said Yes on the spot. Later I realized that I had accepted to be part of any project Casino Life & Business, and to be sure of this beautiful collaboration.

If you haven’t seen it yet, we invite you on the Youtube channel Casino Life & Business Magazine or on the social media channels. I talked about the things which we, those from the gambling industry, experience, but I also approached “delicate” subjects, such as the behaviors of casino gamblers. 

However, this article is dedicated to an extremely important event for us: the launch of new concept of Palace Casino. You all know that we have taken over the brand Palace Casino, and we continued to develop it. But Casa Vernescu has been Palace Casino since 1993. So many have happened, that we may say that nothing is the same anymore. Rules have changed, people and preferences have changed, new online products have appeared and perhaps the most important aspect: the over-taxation of the activity.

What did we choose to do? Together with the current patronage, the Palace team is developing a new type of casino. 

More precisely, one in which a player’s needs are taken into account 100%. The reorganization of the gambling areas, of the services as well as the latest ideas we are talking about, represent the starting point for a new business pattern. With a lot of courage, based on the external experience of our representatives, it was decided that we have the highest payments from the land-based gambling market. We will have the most interesting restaurant, a subject dedicated to our next article. 

The event from Saturday, May 18th is more than just a party. Step by step, all the well-known elements from the current market are changing, adapting to the new style. We still believe – that the team –-  Palace Casino is part of the Bucharest daily entertainment. And we believe that the new concept will be of interest, and successful ! More than ever, we are waiting for you to be together with us, May 18th, in order to discover the New Palace Casino! Casa Vernescu – Calea Victoriei nr.133.

Be there!