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General Legislation

Advertising in gambling

Teodora Luca Avocat – C.A Luca Mihai Cătălin The subject of public communications delivered by gambling organizers has come back to the current context in which the National Gambling Office pointed out- during the recent conference (entertainment Arena Expo)-…


Applying gambling ban to underage people

Teodora Luca – Avocat C.A Luca Mihai Cătălin In the context of the constant increase in the concern expressed by the National Gambling Office representatives towards responsible gambling, unequivocally expressed as a special attention given to the way operators…

Events Legislation News

Japan Gaming Congress starts today

The Japan Gaming Congress starts today, May 10 with local policy makers and key gaming executives from around the world gathering at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo to provide their insights and gain a better understanding of casino and Integrated…


Fiscal obligations of participants in online games

Cabinet de Avocat Mihai Cătălin LUCA Prin Avocat Senior, Teodora LUCA On May 25th, the deadline expires for participants in online gambling activity or poker festivals who have earned income from these activities in 2016; they have the obligation…

Games Legislation News

Bratislava bans gambling

From this month, officials in Bratislava will implement a full ban on gambling within the city. The ban will affect around 300 businesses including casinos and arcades, which will gradually close down over the next four years as their…