About us
About us

The miracle of fabulous prizes over night, the need of adrenalin, the risk led to the maximum point, contradictory experiences and feelings are all specific features of a particular world which has been always fascinating the human being, the casinos world.

The greatest human dream, that of becoming rich over night, transformed itself into a big business over the time, being one of the most profitable industries in the world nowadays.


CASINO LIFE & BUSINESS MAGAZINE proposes to raise the curtain and to disclose from the backstage of this business, it is a bridge between casinos world and the great audience. The magazine, the first of this type of advertising, is the promotor of the casinos industry and gambling in Romania, each issue containing sections dedicated to the gambling places in the country, famous international casinos, games, history, on-line casinos, cruise-ships.

Famous players, public persons, people that matter in the contemporary business world will share their experience and opinions about the fascinating casinos world, inside the interview section.

Magazine profile

The publication, that appears once at two months, contains articles referring to gambling in casinos, describes gambling tactics, offers a full picture of those who experience this mirage and of the places in which this one develops. Also, readers are informed about the last trends in the gambling technologies field, the disputed opinions about this life style are objectively treated, providing the opinions of the most representative personalities in the field.

Editorial content

The editorial content is divided into 4 sections:


Cover interview, profile of a personality in the field, casino presentation, reportage, news, articles about games and gambling rules.


Interview with a star and Casino Girl pictorial, presentation of a famous international casino, articles about luxury places and products, stars, events inside casinos.


Pages dedicated to gambling in casinos, rules and strategies, gambling during 21st century and great gambling champions.


Introduces exclusivist places, famous cities, services offered by casinos all over the world. 


CASINO LIFE & BUSINESS MAGAZINE is dedicated to those readers fascinated by the moving and always changing world of casinos, to the people with a life & standard that allows them to assure the quality, the comfort and entertainment at a high level. We talk about successful people, rich and very rich, with a very active social life, people looking for adrenalin, with attitude; characterised by courage, boldness, people like risk and have the money control. They are influent persons, factors of decision.

Over 60 % of the players in the casino are foreigners, from which 20% come in the country only for the gambling pleasure, and the rest of them for business.

Advertising - Tips

The outstanding graphics and the professionalism of the editorial team guarantees the quality of the publication, thing which can only lead to a quality audience. The comparison between life in the casinos and luxury hotels is a ” natural ” one therefore their promotion in the magazine content will bring them a plus in business flowering . Being directed to the businessmen and top managers, these are persons who cannot only afford but even prefer the highest standards when buying a car, a house, a jewel, a perfume. There are also those persons who have a big need of banking services. Air and Tourism companies will have benefit by reaching the established target, taking into consideration the fact that more than half of the readers will be foreigners and tourists.

Avantaje comerciale

Distribuţia prin direct mail asigură o foarte bună expunere a mesajului publicitar. CASINO are un target foarte bine atins, având un cost per hit competitiv.

Magazine distribution - 10.000 copies/issue


  • Direct mail – entrepreneurs/shareholders/business owners/top executives/managers
  • Hotel rooms
  • Casinos/Gambling Clubs
  • Business Centres
  • Medical and beauty centres
  • Residential Districts: Class, Pipera 1, Pipera 2
  • Car-Washing
  • Off car distribution
  • Luxury taxi: FLY Taxi, GRAND Taxi
  • Limos
  • Clubs, restaurants, cafes
  • CFR – business class (Intercity)
  • CFR – Wagons international sleeper trains
  • Henri Coanda International Airport – Arrivals


USA, United Kingdom, Cyprus, Greece, Switzerland, Holland, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Russia, Turkey, Israel, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Ireland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldavia