The story of the entrepreneur Valentin Burada has started many years ago, when, while he was a young man, wished for financial independence from his family and tried to build several businesses. He has been successfully active for some time in the fields of HoReCa, public food, tourism and advertising, but focused on a fascinating field, centered on women: esthetic medicine. Valentin Burada is the founder of Swiss EstetiX Medical Clinics, a successful business model, more and more visible on the esthetic medicine market. Furthermore, in 2017, the clinic that he manages has been appointed „The Ascension of the Year” during a prestigious event of the capital, BFW (December 2017). At the Swiss EstetiX clinics, the medical teams perform both minimum-invasive procedures with hyaluronic acid, boot, sutures, and surgical esthetic procedures. Recently, the clinic has been more and more visible at a national and also international level as well, creating solid partnerships externally. Today, Valentin Burada will be answering our questions, because the readers of our magazine are passionate for all that is beautiful, as it should be, and they are interested in the secrets of eternal youth that the field of esthetics carries with itself.

➤ Why esthetics, Valentin? What made you invest in this field? And why the name „Swiss EstetiX”?
We may call it a paradox, as I was a Law student, but I had more friends among the students of the Medical School. They planted the seeds that gave birth to my particular interest in the field, and I was drawn by the development, novelties and all the innovations of esthetics. It is a very beautiful and complex field. Later, when, joining one of my friends, I attended an international congress of esthetics in Monaco, I knew that this was the field I wanted to invest in. I don’t know how many of us are actually realizing how much everything is evolving in this field, from one month to another. I created a fantastic team of doctors that are already coming up with new ideas, new procedures, new techniques, some of which are very innovative. I invest very much in their training, in their attendance in courses both in the country and abroad, in sessions and trainings. Every member of the team is performing in one segment; we organized ourselves so that together we make a whole. The name of the clinics comes from our initial closeness to Switzerland: we had doctors that trained there, we had an exchange of experience with clinics from Switzerland, we learnt procedures and techniques so that we may actually achieve the Swiss precision. Besides, we are also a trademark registered under this name, a name that I am very much fond of.

Swiss EstetiX, the core of medical innovations and premieres

➤ You had to deal with many misconceptions. There is a segment of clients who are over-using these services and because of whom the attention towards the real benefits of the esthetic procedures has been deviated. Which is the profile of Swiss EstetiX patients and which are the most usual procedures?
Misconceptions in the field of esthetics, I believe it is too much. There are wrong mentalities, that is true. It is difficult to change mentalities, but it is very pleasant to enter a new public segment. We give great attention to the communication with the patients, regardless whether they come to us for the first time or they have been faithful patients for years. Doctors are very well trained in terms of communication as well, and half of the time spent in the medical office with the patient is assigned to communication of the risks, to post-intervention instructions, to expectations, and the other half to the actual performance of the medical act. We are very careful with the products that we are using, we have the most qualitative products on the international market, I personally participate in all big fairs and exhibitions of the esthetics field and I make connections with the providers so that we may be the first to get the innovations that I consider useful for the Romanian market. Besides, Swiss EstetiX is known to be a pioneer in this field, and we have been the first who intensely promoted liquid implants by injection for buttocks and breasts, a procedure very much sought for by patients in the country and abroad. We have been the first who made a practice out of filming live some of the procedures carried out in our medical offices, thus welcoming patients that were still reserved in undergoing a certain procedure, as they did not know exactly how it was being done. We have been the first to open a Swiss EstetiX center in a Mall in Bucharest, launching for the first time in Romania, at Promenada Mall, the „lunch break therapy” concept.
Our patients’ profile changes along with the development of the business: if at first we used to have more female patients, and the most demanded procedure was lip-lifting, now the percentage continues to be in favor of women, but followed closely by men. Mesotherapies are performed, as well as treatment for dark circles, very many procedures of reshaping and of facial geometry, by which the cheekbones and the mandibular line are redefined, and others. Since last year, we have been developing very well the surgical department as well, and we have very diverse procedures: from breast enlargements, reductions and lifting, total facial lifting, bichectomias, abdominoplasties, otoplasties, liposuctions, to male and female genital surgery.

Men EstetiX, the extended branch of the clinic, exclusively dedicated to men

➤ Do men resort to these type of services? What kind of esthetic procedures are the men of 2018 undergoing?
Men definitely do resort to these procedures, of course. Several years ago, they were more reluctant, and 1 out of 10 patients was male. Now, the percentage has increased satisfactorily, we may already speak of 4 out of 10. Seeing this trend, we created a clinic dedicated only to them, Men EstetiX, which is the new branch with exclusively male patients. The usual nonsurgical procedures are wrinkle removal, filling and depigmentation of dark circles, the vampire therapy with their own blood for the scalp, against hair falling, removal of goiter or of fat from certain areas only by injection. As regards surgical procedures, liposuction holds the first place, well detached from the others, but also rhinoplasties are very frequent. We provide a high degree of discretion, because some men do not wish to disclose undergoing such procedures. A particular segment consists in expats and in the employees of large companies that are foreign citizens who consume such procedures in their country of origin as well.

➤ How much time do you allocate to this business every day?
The answer is very simple: for now, I dedicate 200% of my time to businesses, furthermore I have even learnt how to sleep 8 hours in only 4…

➤ What is Valentin Burada like outside Swiss EstetiX? What are the passions of Valentin Burada, the MAN?
Valentin Burada does not exist much outside Swiss EstetiX. My stable and solid passions are adrenaline-increasing sports, motorcyclism and, for total relaxation, cooking. Only that the man Valentin Burada has kind of neglected those lately.

➤ We know that you have invested in several activity fields. When and how do you take care of everything? Because it is obvious that Swiss EstetiX is your „favorite”.
I am trying to make it simple: I have my own time management system, I allocate every day a certain hourly interval to each business and I am arranging things so that I may focus only on that segment, without letting them interfere among each other. I created teams of professionals who are helping me a lot so that I can manage everything very well.

➤ Were you to imagine a thank you speech for all that you have accomplished so far, what would it sound like?
First of all, I would like to thank my parents for the education they have given me, for the fact that they have not spoiled me and have taught me since childhood to respect certain systems of rewards and punishments. I have learnt to be responsible and independent and to work for what I want. They have guided me from the start. I also thank my younger brothers, Andrei and Nicolae, who have been my entrepreneurship role models, and I would also like to thank from all my heart to Simona, a very special person to me, whose advise I appreciate enormously and next to whom I have made the best decisions lately; I would also like to thank those persons who are very dear to me, who have supported me, and especially my team, together with whom we achieved wonderful things. I would like to tell them that I appreciate their loyalty and interest. I also thank those who have not supported me and who doubted me, because they strengthened my ambition. I would like to thank the Universe for resonating so well with me, and I also appreciate all of you for giving me the opportunity to thank everybody.

Jobs for young doctors through the Swiss EstetiX academy.

➤ What are the future plans of Valentin Burada?
Expansion. I wish to expand our team from Swiss EstetiX, to be able to offer jobs to young doctors who have a passion for esthetics. We are going to begin an ambitious project, the Swiss EstetiX Academy, the core of training and specialization of the new generation of estheticians passionate about the minimum invasive field. I intend to continue to establish international cooperation relations and to deliver outstanding results and experiences to all our patients.

➤ Is there any connection between gambling – luck and esthetics? Is beauty a matter of luck?
As we can push luck from time to time, we may push it even further, the same as we may enhance and emphasize the beauty in us and in our patients. Moreover, beauty also brings us luck, as it is a well known fact that people who are more beautiful trust themselves even more and may turn things in their favor more easily.

➤ What piece of advice or what wish do you have for the readers of our magazine?
Stay loyal to the magazine, take care of themselves, access technology with confidence, access the existing esthetic solutions that are more and more within reach, because it is better to prevent than to treat. And minimum invasive esthetics is able to offer, if not eternal youth, at least years in minus.

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