Simona Chițac

We met Simona Chitac many years ago, when one of the contributors to Casino Life & Business Magazine recommended us with confidence in organizing an event. We liked from her first smile and the assurance with which she emphasized the important words in the speech. From then until today, we have done many successful events and started together the series of charity events like “From Love for Children”, after which we managed to help children with autism and ADHD from the M Service Therapy Center. Although discreet and always busy with work, Simona Chitac was born in April and we thought about making her a surprise by getting her in the front line, where she can be an example of perseverance and professionalism for many of us.

➤ Your name is related to many business successes. You have advised important players in several fields: real estate, sports, music, banking, medical. Wherever you are, presence is always success. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Where success is present, you also appear. How’s the reality? How would you present yourself briefly, through your projects, to our readers?

valentin burada and simona chitac

I love success. Mine and those around me. It is true that I have a special flair and I have never associated myself with businesses that failed or with weak people. So I couldn’t say if I appeared about success, or success around me. What I know for sure, is that we are in natural symbiosis. I am capable of great efforts to do what I propose and motivate the people I work with. I worked with great people, that was my luck. Nicusor Stan, Ambasad’Or president, Eduard Irimia, the creator of the great Superkombat brand, Bogdan Oprea, the president of the BGS group, left me very pleasant memories, I had consultancy contracts with Erste Bank, representing through them a press release of BCR Leasing in Romania, we organized events for the Military Academy and organized the Cyber Security Training Forum For Central & Eastern Europe. For a while I also brought in the world of artists and podium athletes, mainly in motorsport and kickboxing. I had to study every field in detail, to transpose myself very carefully, in order to be able to offer business consultancy at the performance level. Now, I work in the field of aesthetic medicine, along with the founder of Swiss EstetiX, Valentin Burada, a genius in the field, who fascinates me daily.

What moments in your life have most impressed you and influenced your thinking?

I don’t know exactly why, but a lot of useless or trivial things in my life I have erased from memory, to make room for extraordinary things and moments.
I had a few knots in my life, as I say, that made me cringe and then get stronger. I realized that a woman’s place in the business world is very difficult to maintain and can greatly affect your femininity. For me it is very difficult to maintain a balance, between delicacies and an iron hand. As a fingerprint … it was very much the first dismissal, without explanation, at the age of 22, when we were working in a large survey trust and probably my clean vision was disturbing at that time. Then, over time, I was reconfirmed that you must always act as you think, not as others try to convince you that it would be right. Use your own thinking, regardless of context. Do not sing with each other’s eyes and mind. Only so you can stay in tune with yourself, to remain a calm and balanced man. Most business people appreciate this for a consultant.

➤ Simona Chitac, in 2007 you launched your own PR agency, in Progress Media. Later, after a few years, for personal life reasons, you decided to sell it. However, you continued to provide advice, but more to those close to you. Why haven’t you created your own brand yet?

To have my PR agency was an extraordinary exercise and the busiest period of my life. I was starting at 8 in the morning, I was finishing at 11-12 at night, and when I was sleeping I was dreaming about campaigns and projects. The change came when I started promoting people and I took everything as personal ambitions. I stopped at the request of the family working in the agency, I sold it to a acquaintance and I retired in another type of business then, real estate development. Indeed, the construction of a consultant moved me away from the idea of having my own brand to grow and promote. But it is on my list of priorities. If you hear about SoBeach in the future, remember that is mine. In the meantime, I also stay with my IQ MANAGEMENT CONSULTING.

➤ How much has the brief political episode in your life transformed you? Have you thought about coming back on the political scene?

In the long term it had no impact. Then, for the moment, in 2016, when Mr. Mircea Geoana proposed to me to run for the City Hall of Sector 1, I was honored and I entered into a very determined policy. It didn’t take me long to understand why the word game exists in formulating the political game. I was tempted in January this year with a new offer, which I declined. I like what I do now and I like the quietness of my home so that no matter how much people love me and I would like to be responsible in society, I can do it, but outside politics.

➤ Simona Chitac has spare time? What does she like to do when she’s not at the office?
Travels. Any journey is a lesson in life.

➤ Who would you like to thank through our magazine? Any thoughts for our readers?

I am grateful to my family who gave me a special education, made me understand that who has a book, has a part, if you combine this with a dash of luck and the courage to test every limit that society wants to impose on you.
The readers of Casino Life & Business Magazine are definitely beautiful and loyal people, being a niche magazine. I wish them a Happy Easter, near the reunited families. I strongly believe that a united family is the secret of success.

Happy Easter Holidays!

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