The system market has evolved a lot lately and due to legislative changes, what a few years ago was optional now became mandatory. NEWTON priority is to turn the vision into reality. We focus on the requirements of operators who understand that the system can be used not only to meet legal regulations on monitoring but also for promotional concepts. Thus, the way of use has been extended to include the most demanding and bold requirements.
Choosing a system is not a simple process, it requires advance planning and the starting point can be to draw up a list of immediate and future needs that your business has and the system needs to cover. It’s a way to identify “painful points” for which the system vendor has to provide solutions.
The gambling activity involves a lot of monetary transactions that attracts a lot of fraud attempts. NEWTON constantly develops and implements new technologies to overcome these security challenges. We know that providing a secure gaming environment is of prime concern for operators, and we therefore recommend adopting security solutions by activating Anti-Fraud Alerts in the system.
The criteria underlying the choice of a management system are those that must be met by the PRODUCT and those to be considered when choosing the SUPPLIER.

PRODUCT criteria:
Functions: The system must provide both basic and complex advanced functions.
If you think in advance and design your company’s future, the system that you will use must meet more than minimum monitoring requirements. Be focused on complex Loyalty modules that allow you to create promotional campaigns, Security and Anti-Fraud functions, those features that can ease your business such as “Expense account” and “Cash Register”. The complex functions will help you work according to your company’s specifications, not conforming to a standard package.
The Player Tracking System with LCD & Smart watch module developed by NEWTON will lead you closer to the client. The module offers players the feeling that they are important to you, regardless of the amount that they play and that you want the services you offer to them to be quick and complete.

• Contactless Reader
With an attractive design that fits perfectly on the button panel of the slot machines, the new contactless reader is perfectly adaptable for the cards already issued and for any RFID support, from key chains and tags to phone covers. It requires a much smaller installation space compared to the classic card reader, significantly reducing the installation time. It is necessary only to approach the chip support for a few seconds and the authentication is performed.

A 4-Inch display with a touchscreen function through which players can communicate much faster and efficiently with the operators. They can select from the available options the following messages: “cash-out”, “call operator”, “order bar” and can visualize in real time the accumulated points and the new jackpot versions available only through Player Tracking Newton System: the personal jackpot of the player and the individual jackpot of the slot machine. It is no longer necessary for the player to stand up from the machine to request an operator or to make an order at the bar, therefore the time allocated to the game increases.

• Smart watch
The device on which operators receive the player requests. The staff will always know the value of the cash-outs, on which slot machine the orders from the bar must be delivered to, and on the other side the players will be notified that their requests have been taken over and are already in execution. It will allow a more efficient organization of the staff and a customer service that will put your location at the top of their preferences.

Usage: The administrative interface must be very user-friendly and intuitive for the end-user. The information should be well structured, the reports quickly generated and customized and the access to the system must be individualized to the specific levels for each user.

Architecture: The system must be modular, available in many installation options. Start with the core module that includes Jackpot and Tracking and as your business grows, implement Loyalty and Raffle Promotions. A good location can become premium with LCD and Smart watch module.

Certification as proof of quality: It is important to be able to rely on performance and certified products and services, so you will carry out your work without the pressure of any penalty. NEWTON is the first system in Romania that has been awarded GLI certification, proving once again its commitment to quality.

SUPPLIER’s criteria:
Viability: Make sure that the system vendor has experience in this area, that its main activity is the development of management systems and that it has the resources to remain on the market in the future.

Strategy: Check your supplier’s ability to develop the functions you need. It must be dedicated so you can truly feel that you are in a partnership, it must provide post-sales support and advice, periodic updates and for which the continuous development of the system is a priority. Just as your actions are customer orientated and focused on improving service quality in attempt to provide a more personalized experience, the centralized system should allow you to streamline operations to increase customer retention rates.

Availability: Provider must have its own team of programmers to develop and implement additional requirements, technical team and support department and sales team and consultancy to find the best solutions that can give you a competitive advantage on the market.

Our advice is to choose an experienced partner who can share your vision and the system provided to be a tested solution that can be tailored to your changing needs.
The NEWTON system is based on quality, security and stability, provides a much better management of your activity, complex marketing, rigorous control and an efficient use of resources and time.
It is time to move from good to excellent, so don’t take a gamble when it comes to the most important system in your operation.

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