In the last year we have noticed that the operators are pushed by the players to be more and more competitive and performing in services and products. We have carefully studied the market and we’ve come with solutions, according to the new segmentations appeared, we’ve tried, and we dare say we managed to evolve and perform on all segments. The horizontal development with each organizer was a primordial task.

We developed the market of the locations with bars by doubling as position with a new product. Thus, next to the mixture HOT SHOT 9, appeared the mixture HOT SHOT 8. This satisfied the player’s requirement to have multiple versions of games with sevens, this combination between traditional and new being very welcomed.
The AWP market, where we are leaders, was consolidated with the mixture HOT SHOT 6, which, alongside the other mixture HOT SHOT 9 brought additional diversity and entertainment. Knowing the fact that this young market evolves slower, our solution was good, and our operators are heading towards this segment, being easier to bear from a fiscal point of view and rather easier to manage.

In the segment of halls with over 12 slots, our mixtures were very appreciated, having a balanced and adapted to the players’ requirements and, at the same time, being productive in the total math of the halls. Thus, the operators’ profit being visibly increased, we have become an attractive company for this sector as well. We must be fair and thank the operators who proved very inventive and came with game cases and attractive games for the areas where they operate on.
It is also this year that we offered Upgrade approvals to our customers, free of charge, assuming in this way both the risks and the expenses. Moreover, we have provided an advantageous financial system. Realizing that any change generates costs, our installment system brought a breath of fresh air to all the operators.

We understand our role in the gambling industry and we are developing in this respect. As a company we are assuring quality technical and legislative support, being always on the market and answering to its needs.

The exhibition from September 2018 was an opportunity for us to show our new products and to get a feedback from our clients. Being the only Romanian company addressing exclusively to the Romanian market, DGL team will bring new products and ideas for the entire gambling industry.

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