Romanian gambling operators have now the opportunity to offer their customers a distinct game experience by installing LTT in their gaming halls and casinos.
LTT is the Luxury Touch Table roulette, representing the luxury T-line, developed by EGT Multiplayer, for which EGT Romania has recently obtained the Type Approval.
Specially designed for spacious locations, impressive by its design, refinement, dimensions, elegance, graphics, LTT transforms the casino into an extremely attractive game area, setting the players in the top entertainment dimension.
The most important technical features are:
– 6 gaming places;
– 84-inch touch screen;
– LCD-TFT monitor of 23 inch displaying statistical information;
– Enhanced quality stereo sound system;
– Attractive LED illumination lines;
– Supports European (single zero) and American (double zero) wheel.
LTT combines state-of-the-art digital innovations of the industry with the experience of live roulette.
At the slide of a finger, the players make their bets for the next spin. Bets and payouts are identical to those in effect at a traditional roulette table. EGT’s proprietary technology can identify each person’s bet and the handling of the chips, the calculation of winnings and the payouts are made automatically by the system.
Complete details about LTT roulette can be found on the EGT Romania website,

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