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New Type Approvals for EGT Romania game collections: Fruits Power HD, Purple Power HD and Red General HD

Article from the series Autumn Novelties 2020 – Casino Life & Business Magazine edition no. 129 November 2020

New Type ApprovalsNew Type Approvals

Fruits Power HD, the latest mix of fruit games, but not exclusively, from the EGT portfolio, is part of the large Power Series collection, created especially for the new and revolutionary generation of General Series slot machines. So is Purple Power HD: it blends perfectly with the elegant General Series slot machines featuring Full HD monitors, easy navigation via keyboards with dynamic touch display and high performance of the Exciter III platform.

Now, Fruits Power HD and Purple Power HD have Type Approval for Romania, which means they are available for purchase and conversion. 56 titles each, recognized and loved by the most passionate players, offer complete entertainment alongside the high-performance General Series cabinets.

The Power Series multigame collection, which includes besides Fruits Power HD and Purple Power HD, the game collection Green Power HD, is a powerful combination of some of the best EGT and EGT Multiplayer titles – numerous and various slot games and roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and Keno.

To the 2 Type Approvals is added the one for Red General HD – a compilation of 50 of the most popular EGT titles, driven by the powerful platform Exciter III. The player has the opportunity to choose between multiple denominations from the select game screen, using simple and convenient navigation.

On the EGT Romania website,, you can see all the games included in the 3 collections with Type Approval. And for details about conversions, contact the EGT Romania sales managers at the data that can also be found on our website.

Pyramid CMS – 2020 updates

The Pyramid casino management system, developed entirely by EGT Romania, is an intelligent solution for the management of local casinos and gambling halls.

After the debut in 2016, within the EAE Bucharest exhibition, the creators of Pyramid worked constantly to improve and perfect it down to the most sensitive details. Absolutely all the suggestions, recommendations, requirements from our customers have been debated and, most of them, integrated into the system.

Precisely these facts confirm the security of the best choice of EGT Romania partners: continuous development of the system based on the customer’s suggestion.

The already well-known and perfectly functional modules, adapted to each gambling hall, still represent the Pyramid base that provides access to information for a better understanding of the player’s profile and behavior, multiple statistics, measure units, advanced methods of creating various marketing campaigns etc.

NEW integrated features come to complement Pyramid’s performance.

These include:
➤ Link Jackpot – It is a new type of jackpot that attaches to the Mystery Jackpot and offers the possibility of additional winnings, to the joy of the players. Operators thus benefit from an additional advantage in attracting customers.

➤ Jackpot Bomb – Based on preliminary settings in the system, players could qualify for additional winnings within a fixed margin set by the operator. These winnings are obtained within a predetermined Happy Hour.

➤ Support for Hotspot machines – It refers to the integration that Pyramid can accept for the slot machine that do not support the SAS protocol. These ones, although functional on GSP, can be connected to the Pyramid casino management system. Thus, the operators do not lose sight of any action carried out on these slots.

➤ Animation/Commercial multi-channel engine – No matter how many displays are available in the gaming hall, the animations/advertisements can be distributed strategically, depending on the need and desires of the operator. Thus, the settings allow the jackpot to be displayed preferentially, for example, on certain screens and advertisements on others.

➤ New reports – 100% customizable. A correct and efficient analysis cannot be achieved without reporting functions. Moreover, the operators need some specific data of the internal activity, which determines a diversity of reports, and Pyramid has found a solution to customize according to each partner.

➤ Automatic updates for system components – The various components of the system benefit of prompt updates.

➤ Dynamic view control of reports by account – It refers to the ability to customize a unique account for each user integrated in the system. Thus, each dashboard can be different, each account can choose the types of reports and statistics to be consistent with its objectives.

The challenges that EGT Romania partners face will always find answers in the solutions proposed by our specialists who develop Pyramid CMS. We want the measures we apply to contribute to strengthening the business of our customers.

For additional details or questions, you can contact the EGT Romania Pyramid CMS team, by accessing

Unmissable promotions for EGT Romania AWPs

The current challenges of the gambling industry in Romania, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, require us to identify the best solutions to continue sustaining businesses at the desired levels.

In support of local partner operators, EGT Romania offers long-term solutions for the integration of the most performing and beloved combinations of slots and game collections, in extremely affordable terms and prices.

Detail of AWP offers:
P-24/24 UP & P-27/27 ST SLIM – 3 months FREE rent

Some of the most award-winning slot machines over time and the most widespread in the gaming halls of partner operators are now available with AWP games.

The offer is valid until the end of February 2021.

For more details, access the EGT Romania website, Also there you will find the contact details of the sales team for additional information.

VEGA VISION UP, VEGA VISION +UP, VEGA VISION +ST – buy in 12 or 24 installments without advance payment

The previous generations of slot machines, along with new AWP mixes, are still a viable option for quality entertainment.

For more details, access the EGT Romania website, Also there you will find the contact details of the sales team for additional information.

New Type Approvals for EGT Romania game collections is an article from the series Autumn Novelties 2020 – Casino Life & Business Magazine edition no. 129 November 2020

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