The new slot machine generation of General Series, with its debut at ICE Totally Gaming, London 2019, innovates the idea of entertainment and brings features and technologies that define performance in gambling industry.
The General Series includes 5 slant top and upright models dedicated to all the operators who want to continually develop the game and user experience quality.
Combining unmatched comfort with modern aesthetics, efficient Exciter III platform, innovative design, frameless monitors with impeccable visual quality, convenient keyboard with dynamic touch display, crystal clear stereo sound and easy maintenance, General Series has magnetized the audience around the world during ICE 2019 exhibition.

G 27-32 Up and G 27-32 St
With two 27-inch and 32-inch screens, optionally complemented with a 32-inch topper, the G 27-32 Upright and G 27-32 Slant top slot machines feature a refined design with frameless monitors that reproduce the image with exceptional clarity.
The main integrated touchscreen monitor offers superior game interactivity, and a large, spacious keyboard with dynamic touch display and electromechanical buttons for the game’s main functions bring added comfort to the gaming experience.

G 27-27 Up and G 27-27 St
The two 27-inch high-resolution monitors featured by the G 27-27 Upright and Slant top slot machines, along with the dynamic touch keyboard and the distinctive, stylish design specifically developed for gaming halls that want to provide the industry’s new generation experience, outlines the reliant success of the two slots.

G 32-32 VIP
The General Series top of the line is represented by G 32-32 VIP with two 32-inch high-resolution widescreen monitors, an optional topper of the same size and a multimedia chair with high-quality stereo sound speakers, sound volume control and the main functions of the game.
The new generation of General Series slot machines can now be tested at the EGT Romania showroom located at EGT Romania, Sergent Matei Dumitru 1-3, 2nd district, Bucharest.
The preorders are also available to all operators. Contact your EGT Romania sales representatives and visit for full details.

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