The most prestigious product in the Euro Games Technology portfolio, from Multiplayer division, is now present also in Romania: the LTT automated roulette table from the T-line luxury series.
With an indisputable international success, the LTT (Luxury Touch Table) roulette table has generated demand on the local gambling industry as well. Thus, Winbet, one of the important and solid partnerships of EGT Romania, once again made an exceptional choice, so LTT is now operational within the Winbet Unirii gaming hall.
The LTT Roulette is a high-end product merging modern technology and high performance with luxury fine touch. Innovation, along with the familiar roulette experience, is now revealed in one single product that reinvents entertainment precept.
At the same time, the LTT was designed for operators who own large gambling halls or casinos. The roulette is impressive not only by the functions it demonstrates, but also in dimensions as the length exceeds 3 m.
The main features – that place LTT automatic roulette table into the focus of any player it interacts with – are:
– 84” touch screen, with 6 gaming places and one auto roulette wheel;
– Enhanced quality stereo sound system;
– 23” LCD-TFT monitor displays statistical information
– Fast number detection system based on optical and IR sensors;
– Support European (one zero) and American (double zero) roulette wheel;
– Available in carbon/alcantara/ leather design;
– Attractive LED illumination lines.

LTT, through the impressive feature set, redefines gambling industry’s multiplayer product standards in Romania.
Winbet has always offered the latest generation of EGT Romania portfolio to its customers. For that reason, the operator’s choices materialized in a relevant success experienced in 2018, with the opening of 3 other games halls in Bucharest, including WINBET Unirii, a location perfectly fitting the imposing LTT roulette table.
“We are delighted that Winbet is the first national premiere operator where the LTT roulette table has become operational, at Winbet Unirii. With this new «star» we offer a complete and unique gaming experience to our customers.”, said Catrinel Alexe, Marketing Manager Winbet Romania.
Among the EGT products installed in the Winbet game halls, highly appreciated by the players, are: Super Premier, the most spectacular development of the Curved slot machine series, as well as the P-42V Up and St Curved. Also, the Best Seller P-27/27 St Slim is a delight for the players’ experience.
Recently, EGT Romania has obtained the Type Approval for LTT and this makes it accessible to all partners who want to offer a remarkable game experience to their customers.
Full details about the LTT roulette and about the installation possibilities in the country gaming halls, please access the EGT Romania website here:

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