EGT Romania welcomes its visitors this year at the EAE 2019, with an extended portfolio of products, covering an area of 868 square meters, continuing to be the largest exhibitor of the event.
At the EGT 407 EAE booth you will be introduced to unmatched, newly developed technologies and innovations that promise to exceed the expectations of the operators, reunited in the over 140 available gaming positions that will define the trend in the Romanian gambling industry.
A completely new range of products and games with the highest technology is launched on the Romanian market at EAE 2019. EGT Romania invites visitors this year to experience the highest level of innovation, entertainment and success in local gambling.
The new generation of General Series slot machines will be exposed for the first time in Romania. 6 new models, Upright and Slant top, as well as VIP line will certainly be the attraction of the exhibition. The new Red HD General and Fruits HD General game mixes will accompany the user experience on the new generation of terminals. Gold Collection, part of the Collection Series, will also be available on General Series slot machines.
The well-known Premier slot machines are also an important presence in the EGT Romania exposure. The most appreciated and award-winning products will be available together with the latest generation of software and accessories.
Constantly enriched with new game mixes, Collection Series is now the most generous collection dedicated to slot machines. The vibrant mixes Red, Orange, Green, Fruits 2, Union are now more attractive with the new releases Purple Collection and Gold Collection, the latter one with Type Approval also for General Series slot machines.
Ancient Spin, Sand Princess and Dragon’s Turn, the newest and most interactive EGT jackpot systems will bring audiences through vibrant themes, specially developed for amazing entertainment.
The entire portfolio of slot machines will be connected to jackpot systems that support the enthusiasm and interest of passionate players. Jackpot Cards and Premium Link can be viewed on the two-sided LED General jackpot panels, featured in a new, state-of-the-art design and dimensions.
The Multiplayer area of the EGT Romania booth occupies this year a special position, with many “stars” that have already won the audience admiration, as well as with terminals that will be presented for the first time in Romania. A large variety of entertainment is illustrated alongside the King HD Multigame 3 and 4, available on all S-line products.
EGT Interactive, with the newest and hottest online casino games portfolio, will be visible in the stand with impressive touchscreen table, mobile phones and tablets.
The AWPs add to the EGT Romania portfolio at this year’s exhibition, available with a new mix of collection part of Collection Series – Fruits Collection 2, a compilation of 48 delightful fruit games.
The first gaming industry Outlet locally developed, Outlet EGT Romania, is still a source of efficient solutions for more and more local operators and will have dedicated area within the booth.
The complete services provided by EGT Romania for gambling industry are complemented by the highest performing casino management systems. Both Pyramid CMS and Spider CMS will display the instruments they have for efficient and complete management of any gaming hall or casino.
The audience will have the opportunity to understand and visualize the VLT Global Solution – a server that connect to main components – Central Server and Location. The number of the locations that can be connected to the central server is unlimited. This is a facility that helps the Romanian operators.
We welcome you to embrace the new Romanian gambling industry trends at EGT Romania EAE booth 407.

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