Gold Collection

New generation slot machines – General Series – are now available with the Gold Collection mix games.

With the launch of the innovative General Series slot machines and the definition of a new entertainment pattern, EGT Romania is still concerned about delivering the most impressive and enjoyable end user experience. Therefore, the software to run on the new cabinets is extremely important for a high-quality gaming.
Thus, the Gold Collection, part of the Collection Series, is set to exceed players’ expectations with spectacular graphics, effective math models and superior high-end experience.
Gold Collection reveals 48 of the most popular EGT titles and is based on high performant Exciter III platform. The player has the opportunity to choose between multiple denominations from the select game screen, using simple and convenient navigation. The animated upper screen shows additional information about the game families of each title.

The General Series includes 6 slant top and upright models dedicated to all the operators who want to continually develop the game and user experience quality.
Combining unmatched comfort with modern aesthetics, the efficiency of Exciter III platform, innovative design, frameless monitors with impeccable visual quality, convenient keyboard with dynamic touch display, crystal clear stereo sound and easy maintenance, General Series has magnetized the audience around the world during all the exhibition where it was displayed.
General Series, alongside the Gold Collection, is an important reference point for the gambling industry in Romania.
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EGT Global Jackpot, a real success at Winbet and Club King

The operators’ success and players’ entertainment are always the core objectives of EGT sales, development and production teams. When innovation joins these approaches,
EGT solutions are the reliable choices for winning businesses. EGT supports the operators to make proposals to its customers they couldn’t refuse, with the integration of the EGT Global Jackpot into their gaming halls. Regardless of the type of gaming, the Global Jackpot is developed to connect all slot machines and any type of roulette from all locations of the operator across the country. Thus, the total bet generates the possibility of higher winnings compared to those offered by the local jackpots; an extremely attractive benefit for the player that means a retention rate with significant and sustainable impact on operator success.

At Winbet, the Global Jackpot has been functional since March this year and has brought multiple winnings to the luckiest players. Recently, Club King has also integrated the Global Jackpot in favor of top entertainment and winnings for both operators and players.
For further details, as well as information on the conditions that you must meet as an operator to integrate the Global Jackpot into your gaming halls, contact the EGT Romania sales team by visiting the company’s website: