Bianca Grabcev, having the entrepreneurial experience and the desire to bring improvements in the field of cleaning services, laid the foundations of the concept

➤ What does this concept do and what does it offer?
We offer related cleaning services, more precisely the cleaning of the various surfaces, but especially the intensively upgraded upholstery, the carpets of heavy traffic using mechanized equipment and the high-pressure steam cleaner with high pressure and strong suction.

➤ Technically speaking how do these devices work?
Besides a laborious process involving the application of working procedures in the form of superfoods for maximum efficiency, the steam generator and powerful suction come into operation by injecting steam at a temperature of 165 ° C with a pressure of 8 bar and extracting at the same time of the surface dirt worked dissolves the cleaning solutions.

➤ What are the advantages of using steam?
There are many advantages. Firstly, it provides a hygienic environment, reducing considerably the favors of allergenic factors, cleansing has a much deeper effect in the pores of the material, and textiles and carpets are revitalized, providing them with a longer shelf life.

➤ Who addresses these services?
In general, everyone who puts emphasis on cleaners and wants to spend time in a healthy environment. Most of the time we have frequent requests from HORECA and fleet companies, and we are now also planning to enter the Gambling industry.

➤ Why do you consider these services in the Gambling industry to be good?
We are talking about a field frequented by high-end customers, this industry has grown a lot and the number of casinos is on the rise. At one point the client will become more selective, having a variety in choosing locations and one of the key criteria will be cleanliness. A location with high standards of cleanliness will make a difference. We can meet these standards.

➤ Do you still have other development goals?
There are some objectives in the near future, but the most important and long-term goal is the nationwide expansion.

➤ What do you want to address to potential and future collaborators?
I can say with conviction that the team has the best intentions to develop reliable, long-term partnerships.

The one interested in geting in contact with Bianca Grabcev can do that via our magazine.

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