Many times, in the conception of most of you, the big surprises recorded in the football world, means only a gain for the bet houses!

Now we come to dismantle this theory and to show that there is a balance in everything.

Let’s take some recent examples! You probably wonder if there were any gamblers betting on the Red Star Belgrade Serbians’ victory in the game against Liverpool (score 2-0), in the preliminary group C from the Champions’ League, which had at Get’s Bet a share varying around 15.0! Well, you should know that there were!
We must say from the very beginning that the English team had, at the beginning of the game, a quota around 1.20. A totally unattractive one! Maybe this was the reason why many tried their luck, forcing the surprise! Having a huge quota at the guests’ victory, obviously the quota for the double chance X2 was a big one, almost 5.0! But we’ll present you a clean ticket, with 1 soloist and a stake of, 50 lei! (photo 1).
Other games, other surprises! Made in Champions’ League as well! This time it’s about Juventus – Manchester United and Lyon – Hoffenheim. Italy’s champion was undefeated in Group H, with a maximum of pints, wining even the first round, from England. The victory quota for Mourinho’s team was around 6.0. The same, a positive result for the beginner in the German League (Group F) had a big quota on the Lyonnais field. A draw had a quota of 4.0. And, here comes an inspired gambler and takes our money, managing to “shoot” even bigger quotas, betting on the type of bet Break/ Final! Respectively, X/2 at Juventus – Man Utd, score 1-2 (0-0) – quota 11.0 and 1/X at Lyon – Hoffenheim, score 2-2 (2-0) – quota 13.0, with the equaling goal marked in minute 90+2! Thus, for a total stake of 10 lei, the Gets Bet gambler took us 1361 lei! (photo 2).

And we’re really not sorry! On the contrary! We’re happy to see that we have such lucky gamblers! Don’t you think they are the only ones! We only presented a few examples. This kind of events are part of our activity! We remain surprised, but, at the same time, we smile seeing how inspired some of our gamblers can be. If we could, we would congratulate them in person. They are the ones assuring the so necessary balance in any activity. Because we like to make people happy.

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