At PowerBet with development manager Romeo Ungureanu

Today we will talk to Romeo Ungureanu, development manager at PowerBet.

Even though it hasn’t been long since the last interview, we know that some changes have taken place in PowerBet. We are curious to know how PowerBet has evolved?
We all know that the pandemic period was difficult for the gambling industry, especially for the land-based sector, in other words the changes that took place in society during this period also brought with them changes in the industry. The most significant effect of the pandemic, probably very common in all those involved in this field, is closely linked to these changes which have led to re-evaluations and changes in projects or business plans. I’m glad that now we can talk about this period in the past and here is the long-awaited return to normal.

Even though we went through a trial period for all of us, the PowerBet team adapted, even increasing the congruence of our group. Our main mission has been and continues to be to maintain standards at the highest level, as for us this is, in fact, the achievement of our goals. PowerBet is already nationwide, and we have recently expanded our team again, with PowerBet now reaching over 1,200 locations, both on-site and in franchise. With the development of land-based, we have significantly increased the number of betting terminals, reaching a number of over 500. If we are still in the numbers chapter, it is worth mentioning that our company’s slot machine portfolio has also increased, reaching a number of 650 devices, all adapted to the requirements and rigors of the Romanian market.

What’s new for PowerBet customers?
We on the PowerBet team are customer-oriented when we develop or improve a service, as we want to best meet their needs and remain among the top competitors. When it comes to something new in the PowerBet project, there is a lot of hard work and effort on the part of the whole team. We are constantly in touch with our partners, as it helps us to know our customers much better, easier and faster. We also pay attention to customer preferences, their betting styles, all in order to adapt to the requirements, taking into account the trends in this field and also the competition. All these aspects are analyzed in order to know where to intervene and what to improve our services.
A novelty regarding PowerBet is that we recently signed a contract with one of the most important gambling software companies in Germany, together with them developing and implementing a new betting platform, much more accessible. Basically, PowerBet currently has its own software, the result of our work, started more than a year ago.

How have customers and partners responded to this change?
The feedback we received was positive, in a way it was expected to be so because at team level we worked and channeled all the attention for this purpose. The implementation of the software was welcomed by our partners, but much more awaited by the customers, who were delighted and satisfied with this software.
As for this new platform, the interface is really user friendly, anyone can manage to place a ticket, accessing is much easier compared to the software we previously operated. Now the terminals are synchronized to the same platform, which allows our customers to enjoy even more the benefits and promotions that PowerBet offers.

How do you perceive the post-pandemic market sentiment?
Market sentiment is positive and growing; it is also normal to be like this after a rather difficult period in which we witnessed restrictions, canceled or postponed sporting events as was the case at the beginning of the pandemic. At present, even a normal increase in profit is enormous compared to the beginning of the pandemic, when we witnessed stagnation in all areas of business.
PowerBet is currently enjoying success and that makes us want to share the joy with our customers, so we have prepared very advantageous offers for them, which will surely lead them to return to PowerBet.

What are PowerBet offers for its customers?
Even though we have a new platform, the offers that our customers love are still available. In addition, they will find more attractive offers, such as PowerBet Bonus which is now at 125% compared to 100% in the past. Of course, the Change Bet 15% (Pariul Șansă), remains active, the largest in the market, Power quota and extra Power, quotas increased daily. Chance Bet is activated on tickets that contain at least 10 events, with minimum odds of 1.25 for each bet event.

What plans does PowerBet have for this year?
At PowerBet there are always plans, projects and targets to achieve, we are a young, dynamic team with a continuous desire for progress and many ideas that we will put into practice.
It is already known that the gambling sector in Romania is in a permanent change, a change that automatically affects all companies in this field of activity. In addition to this changing trend, there are the ever-changing and sometimes unique customer requirements and the technology trends in this industry. All this does not represent obstacles or barriers for us; on the contrary, we see them as opportunities for continuous development, both at organizational and personal level.
Our main plan for this year is the continuous development in the retail sector, which in our vision it’s a must clear. The most important news for our customers is that soon we will make our presence felt online, where we will benefit from a dynamic platform in which the offer of sports betting (pre-match) will be similar to that found in retail agencies, at the same time maintaining all the promotions that make us unique in the Romanian betting market. At the moment we are very close to the finish line of this project, a project very dear to us and from which we have high expectations.

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