Chocolate in a Bottle

Chocolate in a Bottle

A unique, unmatched taste for exceptional associations

You are the type of personality who wants to be up to date, always, with what is newer and more qualitative. Appreciate everything that has the best life to offer and choose to personalize your experience, whenever possible. You like to travel experiment and always taste new recipes, exotic food and drinks that most have not heard of. Then this article is for you!

We like to impress our acquaintances with things for the first time, about which they have not yet learned. You have all the chances to do this with a bottle of Chocolate in a Bottle, which can be the ideal gift. You will not be accused of acting on a cliché, the drink will be so interesting and new that it will definitely create a topic of conversation. In addition, the unique taste has the gift of conquering anyone. We will demonstrate theoretically in the following, following that you will do the practical test, because you don’t have to take our word for it, it is not like that?!
But what is, in fact, Chocolate in a Bottle?
In short, as its name suggests, Chocolate in a Bottle is a gourmet sparkling wine from the South of France, made from a unique mix of Chardonnay grapes with a fine Belgian chocolate, with natural cocoa extracts. It was these ingredients, knowingly mixed by the producers, that created the unique taste, which began to create a real hysteria all over the world. Fortunately, it is also on the Romanian market, so you can always get on this carousel of feelings, taking part in a sensory experience with dreamy flavors.

Chocolate in a

The story of Chocolate in a Bottle

Chocolate in a bottle is created from Chardonnay grapes, baked on the sunny hills of French vineyards and preserves the usual characteristics of a product of this type at a first impression: consistency, acidity, clarity. But the deep note of cocoa felt at the end of each sip turns this liqueur into a delicacy worth enjoying in the special moments of your life.
In one gulp, you can travel on the sunny lands of France, and then make a small foray into the romantic paths – decorated in Art-Nouveau style – of the Belgians, through an unexpected but balanced mix. A delicate mix between the intensely fruity, robust bouquet of sparkling wine, and the subtle aroma of cocoa notes.
Cocoa beans must meet specific properties in order to be added. Innovation is also present in the effective combination of the two ingredients, so that the resulting wonderful drink remains clear, a true sparkling wine, of high quality. This has a unique taste, of fine Belgian chocolate, with hazelnuts. Now you have in your glass a unique taste, each time it seems better, which combines sparkling Chardonnay wine, the pride of the French, with Belgian craft chocolate, famous and appreciated all over the world.

Chocolate in Bottle

A joy never comes alone

And this joy is given by the culinary associations you can make, being an extremely versatile liqueur. I have often used the adjective “unique” in this article, well, I see myself continuing to do so, given the taste of this drink, which is neither a liquid dessert nor a sparkling wine dessert. Basically, Chocolate in a Bottle is a product category in itself. Pairings, the term imported by gourmets with great enthusiasm from English are varied and will increase your joy of enjoying the unique taste of chocolate with hazelnuts and champagne (why not, in this case does not violate any geographical area licensed) or sparkling wine.
Obviously, any association depends on everyone’s taste, but not to mention like in books, we tried a few recipes and came to the following conclusions. First of all, due to its nature, Chocolate in a Bottle fully complements any dessert. Snacks or snacks are no exception, the sweet taste is complemented by the salty one. From fruit to beef carpaccio, from any type of cheese to salads, foie gras or seafood, with any kind of dessert, Chocolate in a Bottle is a unique gourmet experience.

If we made you curious enough to taste it, you can also order this drink in Romania, on There is also an alcohol-free version, so you can always enjoy this unique taste. Cin-cin!

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