We are approaching the big party on October 15, 2022.

Palace Casino at Casa Vernescu organizes a MEGA party for all visitors. This party is special not only because it will usher in years full of luck and fun, but also because it will award prizes worth over 100,000 euro.

Prizes will be awarded based on promotional tickets accumulated during play in the Live Games area and in the Slot Machines area.

For the Live Games area, prizes worth over 100,000 lei will be offered, divided in such a way that it will be a winning evening for all guests. 37 prizes worth 2,000 lei or 400 euro will be awarded for each drawn player, a prize worth 25,000 lei, a prize worth 50,000 lei and the top prize worth 250,000 lei.

For the Slot Machines area, prizes of over 400,000 lei will be distributed using the same structure as the Live area. 37 prizes worth 1,000 lei or 200 euro each will be awarded, a prize worth 10,000 lei, a prize worth 20,000 lei and the grand prize worth 40,000 lei.

Gifts are prepared for the players but also for those curious about history. In addition to these prizes, gifts and historical attractions, certain artistic moments will also take place, perfectly combined with the play of lights dressing the building in an October evening that will remain in the history of the events organized at Casa Vernescu.

The theme for this party is “Back in time”, a recreation of the parties from the 1800s. The vintage atmosphere of Casa Vernescu together with special costumed guests and current attractions will create a fairytale atmosphere for our visitors who will be delighted by the fabulous prizes.

Immediately after the sell-out of the vintage evening, the details for the next party on March 18, 2023 will be announced. With a new theme and new special guests, we will be able to build another beautiful memory.

For more details you can follow us on our social networks – Facebook: “Palace Casino at Casa Vernescu Bucharest” or on our Instagram page: “palace_casino_at_casa_vernescu“.

Please note that gambling is not a get-rich-quick or other source!

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