A new GM for Casino Vesuvius Brasov

Casino Vesuvius from Brasov recently changed its General Manager.
With 40 years of experience, Tony Saracine became the new GM of the Casino from Brasov.
Casino Life & Business Magazine has interviewed him for you.

Hello Sir and welcome to Romania,
How and when did you enter the gambling business?
As a young man l had a fascination for card games and it seemed the natural progression to enter the gambling business. Then, when l was eighteen years old, l saw an advertisement for trainee croupiers, applied was successful and so began my career.

Why did you leave Club Hotel Casino Loutraki and the other Greek casino that you have worked for?

After working successfully for many years in Club Hotel Casino Loutraki, there came a time when the policies of the company administration and the internal problems between the owners made my position impossible. I then worked in International Guest Development for Regency Entertainment, mostly concentrating on their casino in Thessaloniki. After a successful period of more than one year, the casino was taken over by a new group and this department was disbanded.

Why did you come to Romania?

The owner of Casino Vesuvius, Mr. Angelo Barbato, required a new General Manager and l was recommended to him by the owners of the Abbiati Casino Equipment Company.

How are Romanian players compared to other players from your previous casinos?

Romanian players are generally the same as any other casino gamblers in the world, happy when they are winning.

Where was the most beautiful place that you have worked in during your career?

The most beautiful place l have worked in is Greece. Brasov, however, is also a wonderful location.

What are the differences, if any, between Romanian casinos and other casinos that you worked for?

There are not any great differences between Romanian casinos and other casinos in different countries.

What is your impression regarding the city of Brasov?

The city of Brasov and the surrounding countryside is really picturesque and it is no surprise to me that it is the touristic center of Romania. I believe it will attract more tourism in years to come when the airport is finally opened.

How do you compare Casino Vesuvius to other casinos that you have worked for?

Casino Vesuvius is a beautiful boutique casino that offers a wide range of table games including Texas Hold’Em Poker. It also has a slot installation of fifty machines and a first class restaurant. Of course it is smaller than my previous casinos, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in quality.

What new ideas are you bringing in to Casino Vesuvius?

It is my intention to market the casino externally and inside Romania. I believe that Brasov is a year round destination and can equally be popular for players from Bucharest and from other European cities. With this in mind, we will be introducing packages for both types of players and l am sure they will enjoy the experience.

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