Robert Cezarescu, from A to Z


Glimpse into the life of a great poker player

He is a respected poker player in Romania, with a quite impressive life story. Robert Cezarescu had the kindness to share things we never knew about him – more than interesting – which you are welcome to read in our publication ‚ Casino Life & Business Magazine’.

– You are a professional poker player. How did you start and why exactly poker?
– I began four years ago, while I was still into sports betting. Then, a friend told me about poker, on Party Poker. First, I made deposits of 50, 100, 50, 100 – I lost and lost until… I figured it out a little and had the chance to win. I was lucky enough to win at the beginning and this is why I kept going. And also fortunate, as I had a job and could afford to bet that money.

– Why poker and not something else? And why did not you go on with the sports betting?
– Poker seemed more interesting. Poker fascinates you. It is enough you play it once and it grabs you. This is the reason I dropped the sports betting, mainly for the soccer games. Slowly but surely, I watched less soccer and more poker.

– What is your choice – live or online?
– I started online, like everybody else. Now, I prefer them live, I like the ambiance, going places, meeting new people…

– With so many tournaments that you won, are you in the red or in the black?
– In the black, yes, since I am still playing… I make a living of it.

– Can you have a decent life from poker?
– It depends. Some people do, others do not… it all comes down to your luck. Luck has its role in poker.

– Do you have a secret for keeping yourself in the profit?
– It is the secret of the other trades: discipline, a lot of work and then that pinch of luck that is a must in any profession.

– What were you doing before becoming a professional poker player?
– I played soccer until I turned 18. After that…money was scarce – my finances were not bright – I had to get a job. I worked in a restaurant for 7-8 years.

– What does your family say about your line of work?
– They are ok now, got used to the idea. At first, it was kind of difficult. My mother and my wife were telling me to get a job… that poker is not a profession, from their point of view.

– What about your friends?
– With my friends, I had to explain them. I keep explaining them, as few people knew the poker rules back then. Poker was not so popular here. But now, most of my friends are playing poker. Some are professionals, some just for fun, as a hobby.

– What does a regular day of your life look like?
– Usually… all my life I have woken up early in the morning, except when I am playing online until 6 or 7 a.m. I amout of bed around 9 or 10 the latest…. noon, lunch…I have my daughter now …. take her outside to play, with my wife. At night, I go back to playing online, to my job.

– In other words, poker is now a job for you. Do you have a time when you start or whenever you want?
– Recently, I have slowed down with the online playing. And this is because I spend more time playing live. I am gone for about 7-10 days every month. When I come back, I need some time to send with my family, cannot start working right away. Before this, I used to play online as long as I would do it in a job, from 8 am to 5 pm.

– What is the biggest satisfaction you have had in this field?
– The biggest one, still waiting for it… not here yet… I am content, very happy so far, with what I have done – my family has now a decent life.

– But the biggest disappointment?
– None, I am learning from all my failures… cannot think of a disappointment. Maybe when I have to leave any tournament. But I am ok with it.

– Do you have any superstition before starting a tournament?
– No. I used to have something like that from soccer… not to shave. But now, if I am lucky and play at a final table, I must shave, cannot go there unshaven.

– Any advice for the poker probies?
– First of all, they need to make sure whether they can do this. If they like it and are cut for poker. Everybody can try, but it is important to realice whether you are for it. For this job. Otherwise, you are losing time, money. Poker is a job where you have to have money to invest, at least when you start. Nothing will give you nothing.

– The year of 2012 brought you a back-to-back champion title at the Pokerfest tournament. And this put you on the map as the first to have done that. Any wishes for 2013, personal and professional?
– For 2013, I would love to have an international success. I have been waiting for this for quite some time. A final table would mean a lot for me. As for Pokerfest, it would be nice to repeat the last year, if possible. Personally, I want us to be healthy and have a quality time together.

– What do you wish to the readers of our publication, ‘Casino Life & Business Magazine’?
– I wish them a better year and good luck with their projects.


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