She is Romanian and one of the most admired female player of the Italian poker. Misha Marculet managed to build a wonderful career and be respected in the gambling world.

She was born on March 15, 1978 in Romania, where she spent her childhood and teenage years. She dropped out of economic studies. Her desire to be successful made her leave for Italy. In 1998, Misha was 20. A year after she had settled in her adoptive country, the Romanian woman married Jan Leonard and they have a 10-year old daughter, Maya.

A Texas poker expert

Misha started playing poker when she was 18. Eight years ago, she discovered the Texas poker. Her passion for this game kept on growing and she began to be a constant presence at small tournaments, more for fun than to make money. Shortly after, she turned into a professional player. She lives in Lombardia.

First participation into a Main Event

In 2007, the Romanian went to a Main Event for the first time. It was a tournament in Venice, where Misha ranked the 33rd – a great success, just thinking of the number of registered players – 308. In 2010, the brunette had already collected €21,440 from the competitions.

Her family, not so tolerant

Misha Marculet encountered some problems with her family when she decided to start a career in gambling. ‚The strange thing is that my husband did not make any comments when I told him about my decision, he was part of the same business. My mother was the one who did not understand me – at the beginning, though, as she is now ok with it,’ said the Romanian player. The Italian media writes that, currently, Misha Marculet is involved in a relationship with Leonardo Greco, one of her poker trainees.

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