Gold – a symbol of prosperity and luck


Gold needs no description. You wear it, you know its value and you know that it manages to arouse joy wherever it is given. However, gold has a lot of qualities and properties that are talked about quite a bit. We invite you to the fascinating world of gold to discover its invisible qualities and features.

Gold, associated with the Sun and the masculine principle
It is not difficult to guess why. The color and brilliance of gold have found a term of comparison in the beauty and grandeur of the sun. This association denotes abundance, eternity, brilliance, light and fascination. Gold is a noble, timeless, durable, very malleable precious metal, all these qualities giving it an incomparable value. It has entered people’s hearts since its discovery, quickly revealing its profitability, prestige and significance.

Gold – the color of wealth
Gold is a color attributed to wealth, luxury and abundance. At the same time, gold is a solar color, a color of warmth, energy and vigor, emanating positivity, optimism and confidence. It is a color of the winners, which is why the first place on the podium is awarded gold. Wear this color when you feel insecure, blasé, anxious or even unhappy and let its energy motivate you in the direction of things and goals you want.

Gold attracts honors, recognition and wealth
The energies of gold will keep you calm and focused even in the most difficult times. Your emotions will be stabilized and your stress will be alleviated. It will motivate you to work hard, attracting wealth and merit. Gold is a very good ally during competitions, shows, contests or games. It motivates you to succeed in what you set out to do, it helps you focus and dose your energy perfectly to win. At the same time, gold has the property of driving away pressure, anxiety, fear or stress, leaving your mind clear and clear for you to focus on the really important things.

Gold symbolizes purity in a spiritual sense
Gold symbolizes purity in a spiritual sense and helps to develop a higher understanding. This means that it allows you to access higher levels of knowledge of life. Gold can also help you fight fear, sadness, anxiety, anger and even depression, giving way to calm, patience and tolerance.

Gold – the noble metal that heals and purifies
It is believed that gold can cure diseases of the nervous system, can help the normal functioning of digestion and can improve blood circulation. It can be beneficial in the treatment of arthritis, pneumonia, rheumatism, tuberculosis, heart disease and other vascular diseases. It is beneficial in regenerating the endocrine system, tissues, but also skeletal structure.

Gold – a symbol of prosperity and luck

Investing in gold. Profitability and long-term benefits
Gold is generally considered a safe investment, and in times of crisis in the market, many consider it a safe haven. Investing in gold, in its physical form, is primarily used to store money in a stable environment to keep the value of money in uncertain times.

Gold provides stability
Gold can be used as a hedging tool against inflation, as it is a relatively stable investment. Stock market declines and peaks do not appear to affect the value of gold. Compared to other options on the market, the price of gold is quite stable and does not fall much even during a crisis.

A way to save money for the future
Easy to buy and easy to sell on the market. It is simply a good, valuable stock that can be liquidated whenever you want. Investing in gold is usually a good idea when: Confidence in the stock market is declining, banks are volatile, global, regional and national policy situations are uncertain, other asset classes are declining in value.

Gold can be easily passed on to future generations
If you have invested in gold, you can easily pass this asset on to the next generation. Gold does not deteriorate over time. Because the properties of physical gold remain unchanged, it is considered a reliable means of storing value. It should be noted that gold will not lose its price due to its age.

Valmand – your Gold partner
In other words, when you invest in gold, this process should make you feel good. To feel that it brings a contribution of beauty, value and quality to your life. And we, at Valmand, invest the most in this. We invest in gold jewelry that is given with love, emotion and joy.

Gold – a symbol of prosperity and luck

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