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Opera as a scene of life, exclusive interview with soprano Madalina Radu

➤ Madalina Radu – the artist and Madalina Radu – the woman?
As an artist I am the one who gives life to dreams, and as a woman I am the one who dreams.

➤ What does music mean to you?
The only gate to heaven. Music is a balm for the soul. And I consider my voice to be a bridge between God and man. Through music they become immortal for a few moments.
Ballerina, light music singer, soprano, writer, entrepreneur, choreographer, pedagogue, wife…
That’s right, it was and will be my life … a continuous walk with art and love. I did ballet for 12 years, I sang and danced in the most beautiful countries – Turkey, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Ukraine, etc. I first entered the Dinu Lipatti National College of Arts in Bucharest, I was the president of the high school for 2 years, I fell in love with opera; I attended music pedagogy courses and conducted an academic choir at the National University of Music in Bucharest, I taught singing and music theory, I wrote a successful project funded by European funds – “From the heart, for the soul, with the soul” based on the operetta Leave let me sing! by Gherase Dendrino, then I recognized the prince in the story to whom I wrote a book – Stephanie. I believe that as long as I breathe, I must feed my soul with such gifts.

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➤ What was the most special concert of your life?
Every moment on stage is special, I don’t have a single beautiful memory, but I can tell you that I remember with great fondness and longing the concert at Disneyland Paris, my first role at the National Opera in Bucharest, the Christmas concerts with Johann Strauss Ensemble – conductor Russell McGregor, the concert “The Masterpiece Experience” at the Palace Hall where I sang the most famous works of Hans Zimmer and Thomas Bergersen – film music from The Dark Knight and Interstellar with Hollywood artists; the superb experience in Istanbul with the conductor Sascha Goetzel and the tenor Massimo Giordano where I had the honor to sing in the production “In Memory of Leyla Gencer: Norma” etc.

➤ What is most important to you?
To be happy, loved, healthy and to have my loved ones by my side.

➤ How is the artist viewed in Romania?
Like a prince dressed like a beggar.

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➤ You set up a company – Stephanie Events – you made a successful project on European funds and recently, we enjoyed the Christmas Exclusive Fest Contest. What can you tell us about the company’s future projects?
Stephanie Events was born out of a desire to promote beautiful ideas and talented people. I can only tell you that very interesting projects are coming.

➤ How is life with the tenor Alin Stoica – stage partner and life partner? What’s your story, beautiful ideas and talented people. I can only tell you that very interesting projects are coming.
Our story is a movie script. Our paths met, we felt it was chemistry, we moved away and somehow life managed to bring us back on the same path, it shook us a little until we understood that we are meant to be together. In fact, I understood the first one and he was right after a long time. I simply fell in love with him, kept this secret for a few months… I wrote him a book and gave him my unconditional love. Life with him is beautiful and special. We are those people who understand each other by sight. As for the scene, Alin is unmatched. It transmits a lot and on stage it is actually given body, soul, mind. Know that he is not an ordinary partner and take my word for it when I tell you that it is not easy to sing with him because he has a very strong voice, which swallows any partner. Luckily for me, I have a bitch who can handle it, I think I inherited my mother. But coming back, it’s a pleasure and an honor to sing with my husband every time. I feel safe with him and I am a better man because of him.

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➤ What is your model in life?
The dear women in my life who raised me: mother, grandmother, aunt and aunt. I am unique, just like every human being on earth. I make a difference by choosing to be me every day.

Opera as a scene of life, exclusive interview with soprano Madalina Radu

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