Simona Chitac

About the secrets of a successful hair implant, with Simona Chițac, Manager of the Legacy Med clinic

Some people refer to hair as hair. Not all people can enjoy rich and healthy hair during their lifetime, moreover, some people lose their hair and gradually disappear, while others have never enjoyed a hair very often.

We are talking to Simona Chițac, the owner of an aesthetic medicine clinic in the capital, who, among the services offered to her patients, also included the hair implant. Moreover, it managed to introduce in Romania an innovation among the hair implant, the one made especially for women, without cutting the patient’s hair.

➤ Tell us first if there are several types of hair implants and what a patient can find interested in your clinic.
Over time, several techniques have been developed to transplant the hair, being very different methods of harvesting grafts, harvesting areas, tools and how to implant. Like any field, the hair implant has undergone countless developments and today, the best known methods are FUE (follicular unit extraction) and DHI (direct hair implant). As with any medical intervention, there are precise protocols and many clinics have specialized doctors with teams of technicians to optimize the entire process of graft harvesting and implantation in the receiving areas. 

➤ What is the profile of patients who use this procedure in your clinic?
It is obvious that at the moment, mostly on any hair implant market, at regional, national, international level, the usual patient is male, generally over 30 years old and with an above average level of education, with a self we are high. What we managed to bring in addition to the other clinics in Romania is the hair implant for women. 


Legacy Med clinic

➤ I have heard of women who have done eyebrow implants, but very rarely of women who have had hair implants. Why did you take a risk in an area where the patient is almost non-existent?
Indeed, the need for women to have an eyebrow implant has recently emerged. But beware, this procedure also appeared following a global trend by which women tattooed their eyebrows, this damaging the hair on the eyebrows over time. Likewise, the false eyelash industry, sometimes poorly placed or in excess, has greatly affected the eyelash, the natural eyebrow, own. And so, a necessary service was created – the eyelash and eyebrow implant, which is also performed by our specialists in the Legacy Med clinic. In recent years, the hair extensions industry is wreaking havoc among women, and when I say havoc, I mean either the effects, and I’ve seen cases where women have effectively lost much of their own hair, or fashionable, trendy, when women with rich, voluminous hair, they set the tone and most want this over-volumizing effect. Although the hair implant for men has existed for decades, the specialists had to discover new ways and techniques of implantation, so that they can benefit from this service and women, who of course excluded from the start the option of being cut in any fel. 

➤ That is, the patient comes with her hair and leaves with her hair and in addition?
The patient comes with her hair and leaves with her hair, only that in 3 months the first real signs of the implant will be seen. With this DHI method, the grafts are also harvested from the patient’s hair, from an area with specific properties and the grafts are implanted on paths or in areas with low density. An effect of up to 30% more volume can be obtained, the first results being visible in a few months after the intervention. If the patient does not want those around her to know that she has had this operation, they will not realize it then. Because the patient comes, does the procedure and on the second or third day she can resume her usual activities.

➤ Is it a meticulous procedure, how long does such an intervention take?
Such an intervention can take between 3-5-6 hours, it depends a lot on the patient and his needs, not only on the number of grafts implanted. The operation is performed by a doctor specializing in hair implants and his team of technicians. At the moment, the Legacy Med clinic works with the best specialists in Turkey, who have thousands of satisfied patients from all over the world.

➤ How much does such an intervention cost? Does the price differ for men and women?
The price really differs depending on the method of implantation chosen and the number of grafts required. In these spring-summer months, we introduced an excellent promotion, with prices between 1450 – 2910 eur, this amount including transport and accommodation for patients from all over Romania or Europe. Following the online consultation we carry out, the exact method is established for each patient and the specific price. 

➤ Do you carry out the intervention here, or in Turkey?
Our doctors who perform the hair implant are Turkish doctors, leaders in their field. We are ready to offer this type of intervention in Bucharest, with the same team, but in the current pandemic context, at least for a while, we perform the hair, eyebrow or beard implant at the Legacy Med office in Istanbul. As soon as the zonal policy allows us, this service will be offered without problems by our team of doctors from Bucharest.

➤ Where can patients find you interested in more details?
We are in direct continuous contact with our patients, either through social networks, Instagram and Facebook, Legacy_med, or by phone / on whatsapp at our number 0040799966698. The website,, exists in 5 foreign languages , being easily accessible to citizens around the world.

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