Girlfriends are always to blame!

Alina Plugaru said yes to the invitation for an exclusive interview with Casino Life & Business Magazine.

Alina Plugaru, thank you for accepting to give this interview to us, Casino Life & Business Magazine, the first gambling publication in Romania.
This is the first question:

Why and how did you arrive finally to playing poker?

How did I end up liking this game? Girlfriends. They are always to blame! Everyone imputes it to teh girlfriends. My best one plays online poker. It is true that she makes some money but it is not the money that got me into this. In the end, it was that thing with ‚what do you have in your hand?’, ‚I want to put some down, too…’. There are five more players at the table, see which one wins. I don’t know, there was a thing that I liked. At the beginning, I had no idea what full means, knew nothing. I was putting cards down…

How do you get on with the other poker players, either men or women?
Well, at the latest tournament I went I told that that I had nothing in my hand. There were 60 players registered and I remained within the last 9. There was a guy there, misogynist, who was asking some stupid questions. And I told him – I have nothing in my hand, but I will give you ‚all in’ just to get rid of you and see you no more. I had been playing for seven hours, though.

What about the women, how do you react to one another?

I did not have the opportunity to play with women and when I did, it was with my friend. I do not know. I really did not see any negative reactions coming from women.

Can you put everyone in one pot? In other words, are most male players misogynists or not?!
Some men over their middle age hate women. They are just looking at me, thinking of my past and stuff like this. And you hear them saying,’Hey, she is that one. Let’s do her this…’ and they would tell me ‚Yes, I think you did not get any sleep’, or similar things. But only the middle-aged people. It depends, though. But it also happened with people of my age who were telling me,’Please, don’t do me’. And I was answering,’ I am…I do have cards in my hands…’There are people who accept me and others who do not.

Do the players recognize you at the table?
Yeees. I think most of them….
Have you ever played in a casino? If YES, please share with us the most pleasant and also unpleasant ones experience.
The best experience?! Yes, I have played in a casino. And I am only going to the tournaments. Only to the tournaments. You should not understand that I am going there to lose my money…come on, I want to play some poker! I cannot afford and I am not doing it. I do not spend too much. But poker is one of my hobbies and, yes, I am going to the tournaments. If I remain with the last ten, it is good. And if I leave earlier, no problem. But…an original experience?!

The best thing you remember?!
The best memory? Yeah… A guy is moving from another table to ours. And I think that he had the most chips at the table. And…whatever I was saying earlier just jappened… He told me, Please, do not do me!’ And I said, ‚I am! This is it…’ I did some moves with my cards for a while and I did him. He thought I had nothing and I was thinking the same about me. And I took all of his chips, a lot of money indeed.

And the worst?

Hmmm, Hmmmm, Hmmm… with the people at the table who will not shut up and say stupid things.

Do you do any other gambling?
Sometimes, during the tournaments breaks or something like that, you are struggling and putting 10 lei into a slot machine and bet 10 or 20 pennies and everyone is laughing at you.

You are familiar with the gambling world in Romania. Tell us, please, about an original event that you have taken part in.
I don’t know. I really have no such event to talk about. In fact, I am not going to very many casinos. Only wherever I have a friend and welcomes me there.

After your calculation, are you in the red or in the black in the poker game?

Well, I am always in the black, because it is not me paying for my tournaments 😀

This is very good, a wonderful perspective. Any plans for the future?
Do you mean poker or my personal life? Future plans? I don’t know, maybe to change my car. Is this a plan for the future? To change my house. And to have a child in 2-3 years.

Do you have time for your personal life?
All the time. After I left this showbiz world, let’s call this way, I am much better right now. I have time for myself. People used to ask me before,’Do you have any time to take care of you? And I would say,’No!’ I had to spend all day talking on the phone with the press. And to be present at various shows. But now, I do have time for myself.

Your love life?
I’d rather not talk about my very private life. Every time I did….I was in the middle of a relationship, but it ended at one point…Fine. I am doing just fine! This is all I can tell you.

Have you ever had a turning point, where you wanted to give it all up?
Well… it was not exactly a turning point. I gave it all up when I realized that I wanted something else in my life. You just grow up. Time passes by you and you start thinking,’ OK, what can I do? How do people know you? As Alina Plugaru, the actress in XXX movies? This is fine, but that was only a beautiful stage in my life. I love it. But I was only a child, after all. And, as I said, you grow up eventually.

What is your greatest accomplishment of yours? But the biggest failure?

My greatest accomplishment??? Hmmm… I have never thought about this question! I don’t know what to answer…

But the failures?
There are plenty, I don’t know…Maybe I did not have a child when I had and wanted to? Or maybe I did not give a second chance to someone? Lots of them in this category, galore…

Do you have a final thought for the readers of our publication, Casino Life & Business Magazine?

Play poker, but not with your money!

Thank you and good luck with everything!

Same to you!


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