Land-based Live Casino at Palace Casino – Casa Vernescu
by Andreea Ion – Marketing&PR Manager

We are pleased to tell you that we have had the most exciting Autumn Festival in recent years! The 2019 edition, which took place on Saturday, September 28, was by far the most frequent event of the players, both in the area of live games and the slot.
The most exciting moments were the extractions for the guaranteed prizes. But with us, over 3 years, are the partners who support us in offering news and gifts to those present. You can find all the key moments in the videos posted on YouTube or on the official pages in the online environment. Similarly, in the photo album called “Autumn Festival 2019” you can see in detail every moment. From our long experience, we have managed to realize that no matter how hard we try to restore the atmosphere, the obligatory intimacy of the participating clients determines us to take pictures and video content focused only on the moments and the frames where the players are not visible. Thus, although the sequence of images reproduces the content, the feeling of quality entertainment is only experienced by participating.
Moreover, this was the direction of the Casino Marketing team. Being a live casino, we emphasize the sensory part, we emphasize the connection that is created between what the player sees and feels, between what he discovers at the game table or at our events. As technology advances, we end up losing the connection between us and people. Palace Casino is a leader in the casino market precisely because of this – it offers continuity of customer- oriented actions, and focus on lived experiences. For example, the joy of finding a parking space on Calea Victoriei – the first successful one! There is only one more step until the smile of the female staff, or the possibility of ordering “a la carte” from our restaurant – being a player at this casino. The idea of a buffet was abandoned just to add value to the Food area.
All experiences make up for people’s existing desire to connect. And we believe that nothing can compare to the experience of a live casino, to the experience of man-to-man actions. No online platform, sign-up bonus or other marketing tools can have the long-term positive impact of the actual gaming experience.

Palace Casino

November begins with a full calendar, so on November 2 is the Halloween Party, then the dates of 5 and 6 are dedicated to conferences and gala.

See you and hear us with great interest on November 5 at the conference dedicated to Marketing in Gambling and then on November 6 at the 2019 Performance & Excellence Gala.

About all upcoming events, about everything we do for our customers, find out daily by following the Facebook page, Instagram account and web page

Let’s finish with an invitation, released to everyone who knows that there is so little left until Christmas, that December 14 must be saved on the calendar: a new party branded Palace Casino!

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