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Bianca Dragusanu – image of Get’s Bet, the online casino part

The well-known photo-model thus joins the famous Marius Lacatus and Gavrila Pele Balint, becoming the third ambassador of the Get’s Bet brand

We are at the beginning of the year 2021, on which occasion GET’S BET, the most important bookmaker with 100% Romanian capital, leader in terms of franchise partnerships, wishes you a lucky and healthy year. That is why, for all our customers, the story continues at the highest parameters. After Marius Lacatus, glory of Romanian football, joined the Get’s Bet project, followed by another legend, a prominent member of the Golden Generation of Romanian football – Gavril Pele Balint, now a prominent star of the show-bizz is coming with us! It’s about the famous fashion designer Bianca Dragusanu!

Modernization continues

The difficult period facing the betting world continues, and the conditions remain unpredictable! We remain hopeful for COVID vaccines, so that things can re-enter their natural womb as soon as possible! The whole society is affected by the damage left by the COVID 19 pandemic! Our industry is still affected, but Get’s Bet, a company with 100% Romanian capital, continues to modernize, expand and be with sports and adrenaline enthusiasts!

The number of users of the online platform has increased

As expected, the number of users has increased significantly lately with the development of the online platform, one that has become increasingly popular among bettors. In fact, the number of visits to the website has registered a significant increase in recent months. Especially since it offers a mobile application, which can be downloaded for both Android and an iOS device.
There, in addition to the rich betting offer, there is also the modern online casino, which abounds with bonuses and surprises! But, certainly, lately, Get’s Bet has become much more visible after the promotion campaign carried out on most media! The commercial in which the great Steaua glories Marius Lacatus and Gavrila Pele Balint promote the Get’s Bet brand has already gone viral, being undercover agents.

The prizes will be offered by Bianca

Also in this year, Get’s Bet customers promised some of the most pleasant surprises from the two famous promoters of the brand! They will be joined by Bianca Dragusanu, as an image of Get’s Bet Casino Online! Currently, on the site there is a wide variety of games, including from EGT, multiline, extraline, with fruit, cards and roulette, among the most popular on the market!
By co-opting the famous star, Get’s Bet wants to develop the Casino section on the online platform more and more. In addition to the new games that will be introduced, players will have tournaments and jackpots with values from 100,000 lei and up. In addition, consistent bonuses will be awarded both daily and weekly. Many of the bonuses or prizes won in the Online Casino section will be handed personally by Bianca Drăgușanu. Compared to what bonuses other sports betting agencies offer, the offer is even top notch. To turn a bonus into real money it along with the deposit must be rolled 4 times at odds of at least 1.50. A ticket is taken into account on the roll if it has a stake of MAXIMUM 50 RON.

“Enter now the hottest spor ts betting and casino site, where a multitude of surprises await you”
Bianca Dragusanu

The advantages of the online platform

Whether you are at home or at work or on the way to work, your tablet, laptop or smartphone gives you instant access to the entire offer of the online casino. Thus you will enjoy gambling while you relax in your own apartment or you can play a few hands of blackjack or roulette in the subway, on the way to work. Even when you only have 5 minutes, the Get’s Bet platform is at your disposal with your favorite games.
Probably no physical casino greeted you with a bonus of a few hundred lei when you crossed its threshold. The Get’s Bet online casino platform, however, regularly offers bonuses and gifts. These bonus amounts can be played in most games on the site, turning into real money that you can multiply within the platform. In addition, on the site will be organized contests and raffles with special prizes, which can be received from the hands of Bianca Dragusanu.
At Get’s Bet Casino you have a bonus not only for the first deposit, but also for the next two, as follows: Bonus on the first deposit: 100%, up to 900 RON. Bonus on the second deposit: 150%, up to 500 RON. Bonus on the third deposit: 200%, up to 600 RON. And on the Live Casino page on the website, you can play European roulette with real dealers.

Who is Bianca Dragusanu

The star lives every day of her life as if she were the “last” and she is not worried about the fact that old age is approaching. When she is old, Bianca Dragusanu is convinced that she will be “a young and sexy old woman”. How does he manage to maintain an enviable figure, however, for so many years? “I feel like I’m 25 every day, even if I’m 38. I live every day as the last one, and in my old age I see a young and sexy old woman. It’s normal to grow old, but I don’t smoke, I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t consume a lot of sugar and not because I try to avoid aging, because in the end this is a normal process of life “, explained, this summer, Bianca Dragusanu, some among her secrets.
Bianca Dragusanu wanted to become an independent businesswoman from an early age, but due to her beauty and ideal size, she followed the modeling profession.
“I am glad to be part of this project, one hundred percent Romanian, which is also a leader in the field, that of franchising. I am proud to join some names that have made history for Romanian football, such as Marius Lacatus and Gabi Balint. I am sure that my name and that of Get’s Bet will continue to grow, in tandem with the success we will have. Together we will form a valuable team”, said the famous photo-model after the formalization of the relationship with Get’s Bet.
Bianca Dragusanu quickly became very popular in the fashion world and paraded for famous designers such as: Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani. Bianca was also requested at the presentations in Romania, being considered the “ideal woman”, tall, thin and with shapes. She underwent breast augmentation surgery at the age of 20, becoming one of the best rated models in Romania in recent years.
In the winter of 2010, Bianca Dragusanu accepted the offer to pose in the December issue of Playboy magazine.
In addition to modeling and the position of TV assistant, Bianca Dragusanu also dealt with real estate business.
In June 2011, Bianca Dragusanu presented a new show on Antena 1, “Burlacita”. Then, the star also participated in the show Dancing for you, where Victor Slav was his partner. She presented the show I want you next to me for a while, from Kanal D. However, Bianca was not the presenter of this show for a long time. Bianca also took part in the Asia Express competition, which she left after several editions.
She was married to Victor Slav, with whom she has a little girl! She later married Alex Bodi, whom she divorced in March 2020.

Connections between Bianca Dragusanu and gambling

For Bianca Dragusanu, joining her image of the gambling industry is not a premiere. She also participated several times, even as a juror, in some actions during the Gala Awards of the Gambling Industry in Romania, on which occasion she also handed out prizes. In addition, a few years ago, invited to present an event in a casino, she turned out to be an inspired roulette player, winning 5 times the amount played! Also, Bianca Dragusanu, although she did not initially declare herself a gambling enthusiast, caught the taste of this fun in time. No later than 2019, on a vacation in Hong Kong, the diva experienced most of the games in a local casino, shortly after landing!
She is Bianca Dragusanu, the one who officially joined Marius Lacatus and Gabi Balint, the image of the Get’s Bet brand. Throughout 2021, a strong promotion campaign will take place in the outdoor space with all three Get’s Bet ambassadors.