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K1 Gala, sponsored by Get’s Bet – a real success in the K1 world
by George Radu

The year started, our challenges started, from bookmakers to Get’s Bet! As the main sponsors of one of the most spectacular campaigns in contact sports, we have offered strong matches from the super-event organized on Friday, February 7, 2020, at the Multipurpose Hall in Bucharest.
In the summer of 2019, OSS FIGHTERS & SUPERKOMBAT launched the challenge “SEE A GREAT”, a campaign supported by Get’s Bet, with the aim of discovering new athletes – heroes, who will fight in both Romania and international promotions. The participants in the selection stage perished throughout the summer (June 27 – August 17), in the ring arranged in the resort Mamaia at the Sensation Brazil Beach. Most of them will also appear in the film produced by the promoter Eduard Irimia (Back to Back – having in the main roles Ionuț Iftimoaie, Sandu Lungu, as well as other well-known athletes).
In the end, an international pyramid was born, with athletes from 8 countries, with total prizes of 35,000 euros and international super-fights with top athletes from Romania and opponents of category A.
At the heavy category pyramid, with K1 rules, 8 class athletes fought. The technical level of this pyramid was remarkable, being able to compete with any of the top promotions in the world, bringing in big names from the world of kickboxing.
There were 4 “series leaders”: Cristian Ristea (Romania), Fabio Kwasi (Netherlands), Clyde Brunswijk (Suriname), Giannis Stoforidis (Greece), who were “paired” with 4 category A fighters: Marco Pisu (Italy) ), Bugra Erdogan (Turkey), Enver Sljivar (Bosnia), Thomas Froschauer (Austria), resulting in the following picture:
Cristian Ristea – Thomas Froschauer
Giannis Stoforidis – Enver Sljivar
Clyde Brunswijk – Marco Pisu
Fabio Kwasi – Bugra Erdogan

Get’s Bet K1

The event was broadcasted

During the event, which was broadcast live by TV Digi Sport 2, martial arts enthusiasts were able to follow and 5 super-fights having the world champion Amansio Paraschiv in the foreground:
Alexandru Radnev (Romania) – Milan Miko Dasic (Serbia) / +95 kg
Stefan Orza (Romania) – Serghei Zanosiev (Moldova) / 70 kg
Adrian Maxim (Romania) – Said Malek (Morocco) / 66 kg
Claudiu Alexe (Romania) – Petros Vardakas (Greece) / 86 kg / co-main event
Amansio Paraschiv (Romania) – Mohamed El-Mir (Denmark) / 72,5 kg / main event

Increased interest due to listing of the fights

All the fights were listed at Get’s Bet, inspiring other bookmakers, who set odds for the event’s disputes, so the interest in the gala was extremely high. There were no surprises. The Romanian Adrian Maxim, who had a 1.20 victory, lost to Moroccan Malek, confusing many of the bettors!
The final of the pyramid was held between the local favorite, the Romanian Cristian Ristea, and the Dutchman Fabio Kwasi, the latter defeating before the limit, in the third round, after an admirable fight. And thus winning the first OSS Fighters belt!

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