FOR 8 YEARS GET’S BET – The most important bookmaker with 100% Romanian capital

We are at the end of 2019, the occasion to mark the balance sheet for GET’S BET, the most important bookmaker with 100% Romanian capital, leader in the field of franchise partnerships.
It’s been 8 years since Get’s Bet became one of the favorite betting houses of Romanians! It has constantly been modernized, adapted to the requirements of clients, has continuously improved its image, and, most importantly, expanded its network of agencies. And because of the number of successful partnerships made! After this period, Get’s Bet became the top franchise operator! The most serious and handy partner of those who want to run such a business.
In addition to their own agencies, there are over 500 independent sports betting agencies operating in partnership that are now part of the Get’s Bet network. And demand is constantly growing, which makes Get’s Bet top of the charts in terms of franchises!

GET’S BET remains a leader in franchise partnerships, offering commission for all possible directions: retail, online, terminals and slotmachines.

We offer the possibility of the partner to open a betting agency depending on the possibilities and investments of each one. Basically, this is available to every entrepreneur. Therefore, three types of agencies have been drawn from which you can choose BRONZ, SILVER, GOLD.

a) BRONZ type agencies
They are created specifically for those bars, pubs that want to host our betting offer in their existing environment.
In this category are agencies that have an area of less than about 15 – 24 sqm and do not require furniture specific to this area of activity, to equip the space.
It is a package that requires a MINIMUM investment from the partner.

b) SILVER type agencies
They are created especially for partners who invest in order to obtain a space dedicated only to gambling and who are obliged to comply with the standards imposed by the brand, in order to obtain more benefits. In addition to the higher commission value, the partner also benefits from a larger investment from GET’S BET.
In this category are agencies that have an average area of 25 -40 sqm and require specific furniture for this area of activity, to equip the space.

c) GOLD type agencies
They are created especially for those agencies that offer a unique ambience to the clients through comfort, being equipped with a bar in a luxury space, with much more generous than the classic agencies. And this time, besides the higher value of the commission, the partner also benefits from a greater investment from the gets bet.
This category includes agencies with an area of over 40 sqm and which does not require specific furniture, this area of activity, being generally equipped with comfortable luxury furniture for clients.

GET’S BET offers a partnership with betting terminals, sports betting, fixed rate. intended for all partners for all types of agencies.
The GET’S BET terminal offers the possibility of full access to the offer for: sports betting, lotto and virtual bets – get six and dog races and the possibility for customers to deposit their money directly into their online account.
The terminals for sports betting, intended for partners, offer the possibility of accumulating income without investments during the course of the activity. Basically, Get’s Bet ensures a long-term, consistent benefit to all its partners, being the ideal bussines model for any partner.

All GET’S BET partners automatically receive a commission from any amount deposited or withdrawn through agencies foronline accounts, opened on, regardless of the type of package chosen. Almost 2 years have passed since the launch, and the mobile application has been permanently improved, which has brought a substantial increase in the number of customers. Moreover, the Get’s Bet Online offer is one of the best and most competitive on the market. Multiple bets and their derivatives, live bets, excellent odds, validations and quick payments are just a few of the features of our offer. The online platform hosts bets on a variety of sports, casino, games, as well as a spectacular live casino!

GET’S BET offers partnerships for slot machines, through CLUB KING, a respected company that has been active in this field for about 15 years. KING CLUB offers for rent a wide range of gaming machines to equip betting agencies and casino-electronic gambling halls. The devices can be connected to a network for jackpots. Over the years, CLUB KING has equipped all Get’s Bet agencies with slot machines, at the request of the partners, with the increase in revenue. Club King offers the full range of components and accessories related to this type of activity.

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