Începe Săptămâna Premianților The Winners Week

The Winners Week, which we inaugurate today, will become traditional for our magazine and will represent a week of promotion of the winners of the previous edition of the Casino Life & Business Magazine Awards Gala.

Every year, from now on, during the first working week, we will present, to a large extent, all the winners, whether they are in the industry or the winners of the special prizes, and this is due to the fact that, taking into account the period during which the Readers’ Awards Gala is taking place, are more concerned with the latest preparations for the Winter Holidays and do not pay due attention to the laureates.

Thus, in the week of the winners, daily, we will present separately the winners of the awards by categories of awards.

We believe that such a presentation comes both in support of readers who want to see the winners and the laureates who are thus better known and recognized by those interested in the gambling industry and beyond.

The entire article about the 2019 edition of the Gambling Industry Awards Gala, as it was called by the press at the Casino Life & Business Magazine Awards Gala since its first edition 13 years ago, is HERE.

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