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Bookmaker log by George Radu Get’s Bet

The bookmaker diary at Get’s Bet presents you some of the relevant matters from the company activity! We propose to present you some the tickets played in the weekend 3rd – 4th November 2019. A horror weekend for most of the gamblers, one in which the biggest favorites, as PSG, Manchester United, Bayer Munchen, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid or Atletico Madrid could not dominate, many of the listed teams have even lost.
Within these conditions, can we find the winning tickets? The answer is yes! Yes, we find, and we face tickets with beautiful gains, “interspersed” with bonuses offered by Get’s Bet. It is obvious that everything is related to the inspiration of each of you, of the capacity to “dribble” with surprises. Here is the first example! A stake of only 20 lei, with 8 played events, all winners. The Get’s Bet client staked on football events, from eccentric championships, like Kazakhstan Lithuania, Latvia, Denmark and also Spain or Italy. Sincerely, we do not know if at Atlanta – Cagliari he wanted to play PsF 2 or the operator pressed the wrong keys, it is sure that this odd provided him the multiplication of the gain 5 times, the odd at this prognostic being 4.99. An odd which is strongly different from the others from the ticket, contained between 1.70 and 1.90. It is sure that since break he ensured the “improvement” of the prognostic, when the score was 0 – 1, and finally it has been 0 – 2! Such that at the minimum potential gain of 5.088 lei, a bonus of 763 lei has been added, obtaining a total of 5851,53 lei, more than 1.200 euro!!! (photo 1).
Another “dribbling” of great bombs came from a ticket with 9 events and a total stake of 200 lei. A courageous stake, played on decent odds, contained between 1.40 and 1.70, which once successful provided a bonus of 1.850 lei! A ticket played, especially, at goals, the method which seemed the best to avoid surprises, which proved to be winner, with an amount of almost 11.100 lei, more than 2.300 euro!!! (photo 2).

In conclusion, we present a ticket with a rare inspiration, which combined many types of bets, which are found in the Get’s Bet offer. There are 5 events, two of them played on the bet 1/1&3+, one played at sign (1), one of break / end type (2/2) and one of the type in which half the more goals are scored ( I < II ). Awesome! From five such bets, an odd of 273.26 has been obtained! The stake was 5 lei, so a gain of 1.300 lei has been obtained! This means to know how to take advantage of the offer, to exploit the higher odds which you can find at any event. (photo 3). Therefore, do not forget! Any surprise can be avoided, if you pay attention to all the types of bets from the offer. Get’s Bet offers opportunities not only to the offer, but also to the bonuses, unique on the bets market of Romania. He combined the inspiration with the variety from the offer, being awarded by the multitude of on the house promotions, this can be the key to beautiful gains! A last piece of advice: bet responsibly!
We are waiting for you and we wish you good luck!

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