Alin Iliescu

Alin Iliescu the communication manager of ROMSLOT will have a presentation in the Marketing Tools panel, part of the Marketing in Gambling Forum, held at Premier Palace SPA Hotel 5*, in Bucharest on November 5.

Alin Iliescu is the communication manager for the ROMSLOT Association. A seasoned communications and public affairs expert, he currently serves as Strategic Communications Executive at Point Public Affairs Agency.
He publishes articles on a regular basis for some of Romania’s most prestigious media outlets (Republica,, Wall-Street) He has served as executive director, communications director, and press secretary for several key organizations active in Romania’s civil society and political arena.
In the past, he has worked with major corporate clients, both local and international, and has managed numerous public events.
He is a Political Science graduate of the National School of Political Science of Bucharest, and also has a master’s in Political Communication.
He is a certified trainer, for both trainers and trainees, a career counselor, and an active supporter of civic engagement.

The entire program of Marketing in Gambling Forum is meant to bring new elements and techniques of modern and efficient marketing and communication, notions that can make the difference between a successful business and a lamentable failure.

Speakers of notoriety, personalities from the country and abroad were invited to be part of the program, people who have demonstrated over time that they master the techniques of marketing and communication.

The topics covered are interesting and special so that the time spent at the Forum is extremely efficient.

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