Inspired by the pattern of similar actions in the UK, Rombet is launching a new challenge for the Romanian gambling industry: the Responsible Gaming Week project 2019.
This event will promote the most important activities dedicated to the responsible game currently taking place in our country, providing to all those interested a platform for presenting and debating ideas and projects that help to prevent and reduce the negative effects of gambling.
During the Responsible Play Week, there will be debates, seminars, meetings with experts in the field, authorities, players, and those affected by gambling issues.
We will seek to make known best practices, responsible gaming programs already run by operators, non-governmental associations. All these actions will be promoted with the help of media partners, so that our messages will reach as many as possible, those who need protection or help”, says Dan Iliovici, vice-president of Rombet.
Some important topics that may be the subject of the seminars and working groups that will take place during this period are:
information on the risks associated with gambling
tools available to help players manage their behavior to play responsibly
practical ways of protecting young people and other vulnerable categories
responsible gambling advertising.
If the vast majority of gambling events traditionally include a section devoted to responsible gambling, we have more to do with a moral obligation to participate in these discussions. What is missing is the effervescence of debates, the emergence of new ideas, the presentation of market research data, clear evidence of the results of various responsible game projects.
“In order to get an idea of the discrepancy between the approach of commercial communication for the actual business (gambling offer, bonuses etc.) and the promotion of responsible gaming programs, it is enough to find out the inventiveness and attractiveness of gaming advertisements, to the placidity and lack of visibility of the latter”, said Iliovici.

Rombet hopes that the Responsible Gaming Week project will diminish this gap. “It is sinful, and counterproductive, not to let the general public and the authorities know the programs that the industry has been doing for years. We have operators and associates extremely committed to these projects, it’s a shame to keep them “secret”. Not by the other, but we may be suspected that “we are doing our best”, we mimic the involvement”, said the ROMBET president, Mr. Dan Alexandru Ghita.
On the other hand, there is a danger of overexposure to responsible game messages. The audience might think that the phenomenon of gambling addiction is a big one, and that’s why “the case” is all about it. Rombet also emphasizes the need to have information based on clear, objective evidence, on the percentage of players with gambling problems, on the number of young people practicing such games.
It is also useful to mention the outcome of a recent study published on The study, titled “Experiences of Responsible Gambling Tools among Non-Problem Gambling: A Survey of Active Customers of an Online Gambling Platform”, shows the impact of gaming-specific software-specific tools on gaming players. Thus, despite some operators’ fears, regular online gamblers, so-called “recreational gamblers,” are not disturbed by the typical gambling tools responsible, and are not removed from the game by the presence of these tools.
The study, carried out on a sample of 10,200 online players, highlighted the positive attitude towards the responsible game of online gambling gamers as a form of entertainment and entertainment.
To ensure increased visibility of the Responsible Gaming Week project, media companies will be invited to join as media partners to present events throughout the program. Moreover, it will be possible to establish a long-term collaboration with the media in the field of responsible gaming, which can only benefit the industry in the long run.
Finally, on the occasion of the launch of the Responsible Gaming Week, we will be able to launch a project application for Responsible Gaming, following which, at the end of the action, the most innovative ideas will be awarded and implemented.
We thank you.