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By Andreea Ion – Marketing & PR Manager

For most of us, the gambling world, December is … different. It is that month in which we must – necessarily – combine the silence and the fervor of the Winter Holidays with the family, with the multitude of tasks that occur especially at the end of the year. Events, parties, predictions, budgets, percentages, and many more. But probably – or certainly – we like it.
And most of us like when we receive prizes. Yes, I admit it. Is awesome! And perhaps this feeling is reinforced by the feeling that I deserved it. We should all feel that we deserve a prize. And even if we do not receive it, we will surely have it in the future. But when you receive 2 awards? Or 3 in the course of a year? This is called the “peak of happiness”.

The team is grateful to all those who voted this casino. Winner of two categories: the best live casino and the best marketing in a live casino, Palace Casino is now a continuation of the standards and goals achieved over time.
2018 was a year of events, daily promotional campaigns that led to an increasing customer flow, a positive feedback as well as a rising customer rate. Month of December, or the month of Santa’s presents, is the most beautiful time for everyone. The busiest and the most productive month. The gifts given to our customers are our way of thanking them for their choice, because we choose and we are sure that any marketing action is directed to the client.
The parties, the exceptional buffet and the money prizes are the mix that guarantees success. All together gives the customer a entertainment experience. Another way to … have fun. Spend time with friends, meet our Santa Claus, and create a unique gaming experience.

We can end the year 2018 only with this promise: we will have an exceptional 2019 Palace Casino!

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