Many of the sport fans want to have more adrenalin running through their veins when watching a sport event.  The sports betting raises their emotions to the highest and also test their intuition.

The sports betting represent a prediction of the sport results by placing a wager on the possible outcome of a sport event.

Of all the games of chance, legality and general approval of the sports betting varies from one country to another, and even from one region to another.   In America, for example, betting is not allowed, excepting for the states of Delaware, Nevada and Oregon.  In many countries in Europe, the activity of sports betting is very well regulated and perceived as a legal and honest pursuit.



Pro and against


The ‚pro’ group looks at the sports betting as a hobby for the sport fans, whose interest is surging for betting on certain teams, events or players, thus growing the audience, live or TV viewers.


The ‚against’group are afraid that, behind these reasons, the integrity of the amateur or professional is being threatened, by having too many by now successful endeavors of ‚tampered matches’.

The ones favoring the sports betting state that all the legal bookmakers are fighting against corruption as strongly as the governmental authorities.  On the long run, most bettors lose and the bookmakers win.  There are, though, professional bettors who manage to derive a considerable amount from sports betting.



Types of odds


In sports betting, the odds are a number that represents the ratio of the full payout to the stake.  The odds are established by the bookmakers as a result of their own and various algorithms.  At the international level, there are six types of odds: European, British, American, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Malaysian.  The European odds are represented by a positive number, higher or at least equal with 1 and it generally has 2 or 3 decimals.  These odds are the amount of the money that the bookmakers are paying to the bettor – profit + stake – when there is a win and to which the bettor betted a one-unit stake.




Types of bets


There are many typs of bets.  The in-running bets are the ones placed during the effective unfolding of the event.  The classical bets are placed only before the event commences.  The proposition bets – when the game winner/tie is selected when the match ends.  Each bookmaker has its own rules for the playing time for various sports.  The straight bets gives points to the team that the bookmakers see as an underdog, in such a way that the odds are around 2:00.  The quantification of the disadvantage depends on many factors, such as the recent statistical results of the team, the injuries of the main players in the team, the major unbalance in the amounts betted on the competing teams, etc.

Teasers are the ones when the exact score is selected for a certain event, while it is taking place.  The value bets imply the existence of overrated odds.  More exactly, these bets are selections at sports events where the bettor believes that win is a more likely option that the ratio expressed by the bookmakers.




Types of tickets



The tickets with selected bets can be either simple or multiple.  The simple tickets have only one bet.  The multiple tickets will have two or more, generally up to maximum 14.  These can be played in a pre-established or mixed system.  A mixed ticket is a winner when all the bets on that ticket are winners.  Such types of mixed betting are used when the bettor is trying to win a big pot for a quite small invested amount.


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