MotorSport Party – our common passion!


Another ‚ Casino Life & Business Magazine’ trademark event

Our publication , Casino Life & Business Magazine’ has decided to introduce and organize a brand new project – MotorSport Christmas Party, in partnership with our contributor, Simona Chitac.

The target of this new project is the motorsport community in our country, in the auto, moto and karting sectors, people involved in this sport, public personalities falling for this passion, sport and about-town mass-media.

The event was hosted by the 5-star Premier Palace Hotel & Spa in Bucharest on December 7 and supported by the Romanian Automobilism Federation and the Romanian Motorcyclist Federation.  The luxurious location belongs to the Premier Palace group of companies, run by Marian Dumitru.

High class party

The party, attended by the people above, diverse personalities in the motorsport and a whole bunch of first-class stars, a thing that the other guests enjoyed a great deal, who had the opportunity to relax and know one another in a special environment.

The guests were carolled, listened to live music, participated in a tombola where the prizes were handed by…..Santa Claus himself, a theme catwalk presentation and a surprise exhibition.

Also, they were there for a special anniversary for a new member in the motorsport community.   On December 15, Sky Karting, the indoor karting circuit in Pipera, turned one year since it launched in Bucharest.  The hostesses, sensual blonde Roxana Nemes and Nadir Tamuz, fully proved that they have all the best cards to have everyone feel comfortable.

Awards for the best

Awards were granted during the Motorsport Christmas Party.  Here is the list of the categories and names of the lucky winners:

– Pilot of the Year, auto category – Vali Porcișteanu
– Pilot of the Year, moto category  – Mircea Vrăjitoru
– Most impressive karting debut  – Robert Bogdan
– Decoration for fair-play in motorsport – Iliescu – Tăriceanu
– Decoration for motorsport promotion  – George Vintilă
– Decoration for special results in motor sports (auto/moto/karting) – Daniel Onoriu

– Decoration for the fastest pilot among soccer players – Florentin Petre
– Best motorsport show  – “Grila de start”, Digi Sport
– Lady’s First: the auto/moto/karting category – Alina Bunica /Cristina Udrescu/Bianca Anton
– Most active motorsport blogger – Ionuț Manea

Involved in something worthy

The first edition of the MotorSport Christmas Party is the result of an exceptional media partnership with the JCI Play 4X4 event in Constanta and the one with Daniel Onoriu, multiple national champion at speed coast – a proof of how much we are involved in the motorsports.

‚We believe that the motorsport phenomenon is not enough appreciated and talked about in the press.  Our publication wishes to get more involved, so as to be able to show our readers the efforts that the people in these sports are putting in,’ explained Mihnea Popescu, President of ‚Casino Life & Business Magazine’.

‚In this first edition, we thought of putting three distinct communities together.  We have considered that the outcome of the future actions will be more beneficial if the first steps taken were placed in a holiday context.  After all, this is a common passion,’ said Simona Chitac, our contributor.

The sponsors who helped ‚Casino Life & Business Magazine’ organize, in partnership with Simona Chitac Media, this super-event were as follows: Premier Palace Hotel & SPA 5*, Sky Karting, Ono-Nord Construct, Kremsmueller Romania, Colina Motorsport, Dunlop Romania, Service Auto CZR, Motivi Service Group,, Oana Style Barber Shop and designer Geanina Punkoști.

We thank you all!






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