The group of companies NOVOMATIC in Romania has been successfully operating on the Romanian market in the last 27 years and today it operates about 2,500 playing stations at electronic equipment and 340 betting terminals in more than 200 r ADMIRAL or partner venues and TIP & CASH betting company, across the country.
The group also leases more than 2,600 gaming equipment to third parties and operates in partnership with the Romanian National Lottery Company S.A. around 5,100 VLT terminals in approximately 1,400 locations.
Starting this year, NOVOMATIC Romania is also the sole distributor nationwide for APEX gaming equipment.
Turnover in 2016 is about 57 mil. Euros, up 7% from the previous year, while 15 mil. Euro represents the taxes paid for this period. Investments in 2016 amounted to 34 mil. Euros. NOVOMATIC Group of Companies in Romania intends to increase the number of gaming equipment and dedicated a budget of 11 million euros for this purpose in 2017.

Thus, it is estimated to increase the number of gaming stations operated to 3.000, and of those leased also to 3.000.
It also intends to increase the number of betting terminals to more than 500 and the number of VLT operated equipment to over 6,000.
Moreover, NOVOMATIC Romania is known for its long-standing collaboration with the competent authorities in the fight against counterfeiting and violations of intellectual property rights in the field of gambling.
It also noted that it was the first company to introduce the concept of Responsible Gaming in Romania, following the project to be extended to the entire industry through Romslot.
Involvement in the gaming industry, a constant focus on customer requirements and technological standards of high quality as well as an active awareness of its social responsibilities led the strategic development of the group of companies of NOVOMATIC throughout Europe and in selected international territories.

Valentin Adrian Georgescu, CEO of NOVOMATIC Group in Romania, said:
“Looking back on the years when I joined NOVOMATIC Group, I realized that the gaming industry consolidates art, technology and innovation, to provide excitement, entertainment and satisfaction to the people. I also noticed the need for these items, which at that time were misinterpreted, to be addressed and presented to the public in a proper way.
I still wish to change Romanians’ perception on gambling, in a modern vision through which we facilitate the need to socialize and to employ technology, adrenaline and excitement offered by entertainment in their spare time.
The path that I chose was full of challenges and dynamic changes in the economic and political situation, but I believe that the most important aspect remains the respect for people and their needs, both at the consumer level and management level.

That being said, I think the recipe for success is primarily to recruit, educate and motivate the best candidates for certain positions, secondly to involve the team from the lowest to the highest hierarchical level in meeting company goals and thirdly – to not lose your moral values. In short, I would encourage constructive communication with people within the company as well as with the customers, to stimulate creative thinking and getting a correct feedback, essential in identifying and solving difficult situations.
Today I can say I’m glad to be part of this exciting industry that continues to grow.
Let’s not forget that we are in March, the month dedicated to the ladies, and on this occasion I wish to recall that 75% of the more than 1,200 employees of NOVOMATIC Group of Companies in Romania, is represented by the female segment. This can only emphasize the appreciation and respect I have for these ladies, whom I wish to thank for their effort and dedication they show and wish them “Happy Birthday!”.

Laura Boșneag, Sales Manager, NOVOMATIC Group in Romania:
“I joined NOVOMATIC Romania about nine years ago, time during which I have gained experience both in the operative field and in the sales.

Both for me and for our clients, NOVOMATIC means stability, innovation and guarantee to deliver winning technology.
I believe that loyalty and customer satisfaction give us the motivation necessary to improve on a daily basis the quality of services”.

Georgiana Diaconu, Marketing Manager, NOVOMATIC Group in Romania:
“I am proud to be part of the team NOVOMATIC Romania, one of the most important leaders in the gaming field. The challenge and the biggest responsibility is to transform my inspiration and dedication in concrete achievements for the three brands we represent: NOVOMATIC, ADMIRAL and TIP & CASH.

The most important elements within the team I believe they are communicating, freedom of expression, stability, support and motivation from management.
Even if it might seem that gambling is an area exclusively for men, this concept is outdated and the issues that really matter are the involvement, respect and devotion of everyone, be it male or female.“

Octavia Marincovici, Financial Manager, NOVOMATIC Group in Romania:
“Sixteen years ago when I joined NOVOMATIC group, gambling was new to me.
This was for me an opportunity, a challenge and especially a chance to be part of a team with experience and international vision in this area.

I’m glad to be part of this team, every day is different. I believe that the most important thing is respect for the work each of us is performing.”

Mioara Cocea, Legal Manager, NOVOMATIC Group in Romania:
“I’ve been with the NOVOMATIC Romania time for nine years and for me, the most important aspects in this period were the work style characterized by seriousness and the care for a job well done, verticality and determination in taking decisions but also the support received from management to evolve from the professional point of view, to learn more and to grow together with the NOVOMATIC Romania team.

Due to the fact that all the time new projects are being developed, which I am involved in, the enthusiasm that we had at the beginning of the collaboration is still as big and I look forward to new challenges and experiences in this beautiful chapter of my life together with NOVOMATIC team.“


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