Uniplay brand offers in Romania a wide variety of products from the gaming industry, addressing those who enjoy slot machines, sports betting and Bingo TV.
Uniplay’s national expansion
Uniplay owns over 600 points of purchase on a national scale, most of them are conveniently located in malls, hypermarkets and street stalls, covering both the gambling and entertaining section, and the network continues to expand. In each of the 44 Uniplay gaming halls from all over the country, players can enjoy an extensive sports betting offer, Live and fixed events on the same ticket and the possibility of nonstop betting, due to a partnership with Novomatic – Tip&Cash. Clients can check the status of their ticket any time, by simply scanning it at the terminal and they also have the Early Cash-out option.
Apart from sports betting and slot machines, Uniplay gaming halls are designed to make clients feel comfortable in a space dedicated to player’s interaction, all in a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere, where everyone can feel the staff dedication to fulfill their every need.
Uniplay seeks to offer a unique, complex, entertaining and unifying experience for his players, in a social space especially designed for them.
Uniplay products don’t embrace only the gambling and gaming industry. Starting from December, Uniplay together with Intact Media Group developed Uniplay Show, a TV show aired live every Sunday on Antena 1 channel, from 5 PM.
Uniplay Show: magnificent entertaining show, live music, dance and tons of surprises Uniplay Bingo conquered Romanians both in the country and abroad. Apart from well-known Line and Bingo wins, the show also has more attractive wins, like the prizes for live phone calls, Uni Magnificent Accumulated Bingo and Uni Jackpots.
Since on March 5th the Uni Magnificent Accumulated Bingo prize was not won, chances for the following edition have grown.
Therefore, on March 12th, VIP Jackpot starts from minimum 121.000 lei at the 44th ball, Premium Jackpot starts from 85.000 lei at the 49th ball and Extra Jackpot from 59.000 lei at the 54th ball.
Uni Jackpots are progressive Jackpots, depending on how many numbers have been drawn until the callers announce the maximum Bingo number. In case Bingo in not called until the preset maximum ball, the win is posted up for the next edition and the maximum ball grows (44 becomes 45 and so on).
On March 12th, the Jackpots are blooming!
On the second Sunday of March, Uniplay brings into play 1.500.000 euros. For its players, Uniplay holds a special draw of Bingo Bonus and non-winning tickets. In addition to the very appealing Jackpots, the players could win up to 200.000 lei during the live TV Show!

If Bingo is called at the maximum ball 44, the winner will claim the VIP Jackpot and also the Premium and Extra Jackpots, all summing up to a win of over 265.000 lei.
The biggest prize, Uni Magnificent Accumulated Bingo prize will be won once Bingo is called until the 48th ball. In this case, the player wins no less than 1.600.000 lei, thus being able to enjoy his carefree dream live.
It’s important that players continue to validate their blank tickets of the last edition by buying Uniplay Bingo tickets available for the current edition.
Every Sunday comes with big prizes and the good news is that these prizes are growing with every edition.
In just 11 Uniplay Show editions, the Uniplay prizes made 1.000 Romanians happy and the biggest ones were the live phone call prizes. Thus, 175.000 lei went to a player in Maramures, 165.000 lei went to Bacau and 140.000 to Dambovita.
As Uniplay’s motto is Play More, professionals within the company prepare the launch of a new game which it’s expected to conquer Romanians’ hearts.
Stay up to date with our latest news at www.uniplay.ro.


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