After 20 years of experience both technically and in terms of consumer preferences, DGL Pro produced the first AWP board (motherboard) which means limited risk for the Romanian market.
DGL Pro welcomed the initiative of ONJN for a more socially responsible industry and responded to the challenge for appliances with limited risk. Also we welcome the legislated system of online monitoring, a pioneer initiative for Romania, and we expect that in the future we will see such initiatives in other environments with the purpose of registration of the revenue.
With investments of over 200,000 eur and considerable efforts, DGL Pro began testing for the limited risk multigame board at the end of 2015 while doing the same with the board for SAS slots with online communication protocol.
DGL Pro always meets the needs of its direct customers and also its final ones- game participants due to attractiveness of the game, its popularity, the special awards as well as new graphics and sound.
The bars are the predominant locations where the DGL Pro products have best results and for this reason we believe that the new limited risk board will bring multiple benefits to both socially speaking as prizes are limited to 1,000 lei and 2 lei maximum bet, but also better stability in the activity of the gambling operator.
DGL Pro enables both on slot board and on the limited risk one, both SAS compatible, lower denominations than 0.01, for example 0.001 and 0.002. Such price for credit has proven to be a good choice for locations in bars.
With over 1,000 limited risk slot boards sold last year, both those with SAS online communication protocol, DGL Pro supports a more socially responsible industry and a diversified market and organized according to power consumption.
DLG Pro as the entire gambling market as gaming, evolve as pioneers and examples for Romanian fiscal environment in terms of connectivity, transparency and by providing daily data to the National Office of Gambling.
In terms of fiscal issues, devices with limited risk compared to slots benefit from a 50% reduction of specific taxes, from 3.000 eur 1,500 eur.

In terms of cash funds, machines with limited risk are much less volatile because the maximum payout can not exceed 1,000 lei so for 3 devices with limited risk, a bar makes the effort of paying 3,000 lei, which actually means 3-5 times less than it would be with the slots.
In terms of social devices with limited risk, they reduced the chances of participants to exceed the limits imposed by income or budget.
From the point of view of technology, for excellent results, DGL Pro promotes its new cabinets with 21 inch display and MEI or UBA bill acceptor which can be bought or rented. The new cabinets are available for both limited risk and for slot, both equipped with SAS online communication system.
Next year, DGL Pro will produce two new mixes both for slots as for those with limited risk, both SAS compatible with online monitoring systems for which the expectations for success are very high. Because the market responds positively to fruit games, we want to focus our full attention on them and on the interactivity of the client during the game.

DGL Pro is besides ONJN with all its human and technical resources, in order to advise its experts to understand the construction of the gaming machines and also to perceive the communication with the online monitoring systems, in order to develop clear and strict regulations for a more transparent and responsible industry.
In terms of market evolution for boards with limited risk, in 217, DGL Pro will begin a program to communicate with as many bar operators as possible to explain the benefits of working with limited risk devices.
Also, next year we want to focus our energy and efforts to demonstrate to operators that a device be it risk limited or slots- but superior in terms of technical characteristics-will certainly produce higher revenues as it will provide a more enjoyable and longer-lasting experience for the participants in the game.

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