In the field of gambling, we often talk about the importance of transparent actions and of mature and dynamic industries, but these features all lie under the sign of accountability and responsibility. Rombet Association fully acknowledged this and 2016 marked a period during which its members have tried through various projects or measures to impose responsibility as a strategic priority for the industry.
“The notion of responsibility entails two dimensions, in our opinion and, we believe, in Rombet Association’s members’ opinion also. It’s about the corporate social responsibility, CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility, and responsible gambling, on one hand and, on the other hand, about the responsibility that each organizer or association owes to their business and social dialogue partners, starting with the customers and reaching the state authority representatives or service providers. During 2016, the actions of the association aimed, firstly, to educate “players” in the industry, organizers of gambling, about what responsible business means in all respects.“, stated Mr. Dan Ghita, Rombet President.
In this respect, implementation and enforcement constitute an obligation, but to understand how to use the legislative framework is the responsibility of each organizer separately.
And the seminars which Rombet held in various cities across the country have had this target exactly, that each of those present understand the laws and how they should be applied. “A self-respecting business would show seriousness and maturity in all aspects of the business.
Will be responsible in law enforcement, will be responsible in pursuing the economic and financial objectives, will be responsible in the relationship it has with the legislator and, of course, will be responsible in relation to its direct client, with the player, and his needs. We often address our members whose interests we represent, explaining to them that a solid building (business) means reliability and professionalism in the settlement of each “brick”, believes Mr. Anchidim Zăgrean, vice president of Rombet Association.
For Rombet Association the notion of UNITY is a fundamental one, together with TRANSPARENCY and ACTION. A very good illustration of this belief is the recent announcement of unification programs implemented by the gambling industry, by pooling resources within the program Responsible Gambling, along with Romslot association and Romanian Bookmakers so that players who face addiction find best support in understanding and overcoming gambling problems. “We enjoy this extension of a program dedicated to responsible gaming, which now addresses the whole area of gambling in Romania, and the drive that clearly the industry is showing at the moment. I always supported joint projects – with shared ideas and plans – because, in our opinion, it is the only way we can reach the mature and responsible industry that we want” said Dan Ghita, ROMBET President.
Thus, once the legislative package is finalized, all involved in the industry can now focus on its implementation, and 2016 marked important steps in this direction. The establishment, but especially the programs to be implemented by the Responsible Gambling Foundation can only benefit from similar programs in other European countries that are several steps ahead of Romania in this endeavor. And Rombet, by participating in international events dedicated to Responsible Gaming, has achieved just that.

During the conference WrB – Responsible Gambling held in London in early September, followed by two workshops by JR in the WrB Eastern Europe (London, November 2016) and EEGS (Sofia, November 2016), Rombet representatives learned about novelties in the field, attended the presentation of successful CSR projects and discussed strategies and future plans with some of the biggest names in the industry.
“For our industry, responsibility must become a major coordinate in the business and it must be reflected in all the books of a business, from the correct and unitary understanding and implementation of the legislation up to the initiation and engagement in responsible gambling and CSR projects, not only at declarative level. If 2016 was one in which we stayed put, we have planned, we got informed, 2017 must be a year of action and … actions carried out successfully.“, concluded Mr. Dan Iliovici, senior vice president of Rombet association.


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