Proved by over 100 partner companies saying this and over 20,000 games installed by the Romanian producer. Every year, NEWTON surprises with innovative ideas and new ways of satisfying even the most demanding needs of operators in Romania and abroad. NEWTON project increases, grows and develops in a direction in which success will be marked by the need to evolve and diversify the options offered to romanian players.
The need to be different, but also the desire to overcome the limits already imposed by the market, makes NEWTON the partner with whom you can turn any location into a premium one with minimum effort.
Maybe you are asking what the system limits are, but the answer comes as quickly as possible because there are no limits. NEWTON system can be used in various ways, the only limit being the operator’s creativity and the direction in which they want to extend.
In this edition we will present you a part of the systems offered by NEWTON, namely meaning the loyalty system NEWTON 6.0 VIP.
NEWTON 6.0 VIP is the star product of this year, offering the operators the chance to improve their locations, turning them into premium ones.
Freedom to implement various marketing strategies was the primary target of this VIP system, this only limit being the vision or perspective of people dealing with this very important part.

The system allows operator to generate loyalty cards for all players, so they can be rewarded for time spent on casino, and also for turnover. Bonus points for birthdays, holidays, promotional periods are just some of the possibilities that NEWTON system is offering to you.
The possibility to create different levels for player’s cards is, again, an advantage: they feel privileged when after a period of time spent in your locations they may become bronze, silver or gold clients, or whatever name category you want to give to your cards.

Since we are talking about premium products and services, then we are also talking about the terminal where players can check their points, NEWTON Info-Point, the product that conquers the country, this being one of the best looking terminal in the Romanian market. Not only the quality of the product is noteworthy, but also the functionality which gives players the opportunity to constantly check their loyalty points, enabling them to use their cards in various promotions and activities offered by the operator.
All NEWTON systems can support future upgrades so the VIP system can easily become a raffle or a TITO system.
We will also discuss other NEWTON packages in the editions to come.
Until the next article, the NEWTON team wishes you a Successful New Year, rich in accomplishments, and more selective aspirations!

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