The second edition of the international seminar carried its point

The number of participants exceeded the capacity of the Pavilion C1 upper floor.

Hosted under the auspices of the National Gambling Office and in partnership with all the professional associations of the gambling industry in Romania and state authorities, the international seminar ‚What’s the time…in gambling’, taking place at Romexpo on the second day of E-Arena Expo, met with sucess much over the expectations of the organizers.

The participants, both Romanian and foreign, were able to attend the event at no charge and outspaced the assigned room and the number of 150, as shown in the event lists.

The speeches were short yet concise and the media present at the event had the freedom to informally interview attendees on both sides.

The addresses and the questions aimed current issues in gambling, such as the legislative initiative that has stirred so much controversy, responsible gaming and the status of the online gambling.

The event moderator, Dan Nicolae, economic editor of Bursa newspaper, did a wonderful job in coordinating the seminar works, carried out by the following speakers:

Tudor Simota, Adviser for the President of the National Gambling Office
Marius Dunca, President of the National Authority for Consumer Protection
Adrian Comanescu, Director in the Competition Council (invited by ROMBET)
Daniel Florea, Deputy, Member of the Legal Commission (invited by ROMBET)
Marius Stoi, CEO for DGL PRO
Dan Ghita, ROMBET President
Cristian Pascu, AOPJNR CEO
Gabriel Kovacs, Vicepresident, EXPROGAME
Viorela Radoi, CEO for ROMSLOT
Lucian Lumezeanu, Government Relations Manager, ROMSLOT
Alexandru Debrezeni, CEO for Romanian Bookmakers
Sorin Constantinescu, AOCR President
Zuzanna Kurek, EU Expert for Gambling Market
Mihai Manoila, ROMBET Expert for online gambling
Sue Rossiter, Director of Projects and Policy, Remote Gambling Association
Daniel Cirlig, Vicepresident for Poker PRO
Leliana Parvulescu, Psychologist, ‘Responsible Gaming’ Program Director
Laura M. Stefan, Psychologist, ‘Responsible Gaming’ Program of ROMBET
Another successful event organized by our publication, Casino Life & Business Magazine, was given many rounds of applause at the end of the seminar.

Our acknowledgments to the partners of the ‚What’s the time…. in gambling’ international seminar: National Authority for Consumer Protection – ANPC, DGL PRO, ROMBET, ROMSLOT, AOPJNR, Romanian Bookmakers, EXPROGAME and Tiger Security, and also to the media partner, BURSA newspaper.

Our thanks to all the journalists attending the event, both from audiovisual and written segments.


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