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Central European Gambling Summit, as expected, is being postponed again due to the lack of relaxation measures needed to hold such an event.

The relaxation measures required for the physical holding of the Central European Gambling Summit are not applicable at the moment and that is why the organizers have decided to postpone the event again, given that the health of the participants is the most important.

Taking the example of other similar international events, the Central European Gambling Summit is rescheduled for May 2022.

Although the measures taken by the Authorities are slowly showing their effectiveness, the large number of existing covid-19 cases as well as the incidence of the number of new cases do not allow the Government to move to total relaxation, a necessary measure for an optimal event at a large scale.
The relaxation measures applied since May 1 in Romania, which led to the opening of gambling halls across the country, are too few and have come too “short” for the (re)organisation of the Central European Gambling Summit, a postponed event since 2020.
At the same time, international health safety measures do not allow foreign participants to travel in optimal conditions.

Taking into account all the pandemic conditions and the measures taken by the Authorities to reduce the number of infections, the event organizers decided that this new postponement is the only fair decision leading to a high quality and effective integrated event for all parties involved.

We would like to thank the Central European Gambling Summit partners, as well as the participants already enrolled in CEGS who have had and continue to have the necessary patience to wait for the return to normalcy we all want and to wait for a special event!

PLATINUM partner – BMM testlabs.
GOLD partner – DGL PRO and Get’s Bet companies and ROMBET association.
SILVER partner – Superbet and Game World companies.
Partner for Legislation – Simion & Baciu.
Partners – ExPlayner companies, Smart Games and the Romanian Bookmakers association.
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