When we say evolution or innovation we undoubtedly think about NEWTON. As you have probably learnt by now, NEWTON brings you improvements each month, proving once again that perseverance and the desire for innovation come first in this company, offering impeccable business solutions to their customers.
The new system called NEWTON 4.0, will be available from the beginning of June and will be the promoter of this type of systems in Romania.
NEWTON 4.0 brings considerable improvements from the 3.0 version, especially on the jackpot and happy hour part. The new system offers the possibility to have an unlimited number of online jackpots from its predecessor, where you had the possibility of a single online threshold.

SLOT-MACHINE GROUP – the new system brings the possibility to configure the jackpot in your location as you wish. You can create game groups which can participate in one or more jackpot thresholds offering different possibilities for winning. Therefore, you can create an area for customers who gamble big amounts and you can offer them a separate jackpot from the area where you have a jackpot for those customers gambling small amounts and have all these areas connected to another jackpot for the entire location or for all your locations.

MULTI SCREEN JACKPOT – gives you the possibility to display different jackpot thresholds or the same threshold on one or more displays, having thus endless possibilities to configure your location.

CHAIN REACTION – is the feature which helps you with customer loyalty the same way as Happy Hour. You will be able to repay your customers even if only one of them wins the prize displayed as jackpot. When this prize is won, the system will randomly give a number of maximum 10 consolation prizes to the other customers present in your location. This way your customers will always be drawn to play even if only one of them wins the jackpot, knowing that there is a possibility that they win a prize as well.

HIDDEN JACKPOT – is the feature which gives a surprise jackpot. The same as the other thresholds, this one is 100% configurable. The difference is made by the fact that this jackpot will only be displayed when it is won. It is conceived as a surprise prize which only helps in promoting you location and, of course, helps you with customer loyalty.

TIMED JACKPOT – as its name suggests, this jackpot will be active in the location for a time period chosen by you. This function was developed following the Happy Hour success, a feature which had a very good feedback on the Romanian market.

RECCURENT JACKPOT – is the feature which gives you the possibility to activate or deactivate one or more jackpot thresholds at predetermined times. You will be able to have certain days or time frames when you can give certain jackpot thresholds. The RECURRENT JACKPOT feature can be used the same way as the Happy Hour feature, to promote your location and increase customer loyalty.

WIDE AREA HAPPY HOUR – is the new Happy Hour feature which allows the user to program Happy Hour for several locations or in such a way as to have in each location game groups which participate to the Happy Hour at the same time. This way, each location can have a special Happy Hour area. The players will know that at a certain hour, in any of your location, they have the possibility to participate.

The new system comes to your help also on the side of reports and statistics. You can make personalized reports of any type, with the possibility to save your search filters for future reports. The system offers also the export possibility for any type of report or statistics. .
Besides all the above, the new system offers real time monitoring features, accounting, security and marketing features. This new system covers all the aspects of a successful business in this field, offering total control.

The new system can be purchased also in the NEWTON rental system, where 60% of the rent value goes to the acquisition of the system. For more details please use the email address: robert@newtonslots.com or the phone number: 0733 404 040.

As a conclusion, the NEWTON SLOTS company offers you a complete package for your business. The jackpot, monitoring, accounting, security, marketing systems, and, last but not least, best quality services.

Feel confident to use the NEWTON SLOTS services for your business.


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