Newton returns with a new revolutionary concept

For Newton, the main goal was and is the continuous development of products and services offered to remain in the top preferences of operators. Some time ago Newton began the process of developing a new system that promises to stand out from anything that currently exists on the Romanian market. The time has come for Newton to present you with an innovative project and a new vision. It will be the initiator of a new era in this industry, the project being focused on the possibility of each user to be unique, offering the most flexible system.

Newton returns and presents himself stronger than ever, being ready to surprise you with a substantial improvement of the system but also with a new approach.

What he has prepared for 2021 is a truly ambitious and revolutionary concept. Newton is indispensable for its customers and has been able to offer them the best services on the Romanian market and even on the European market. Thus, it will expand and focus on bringing marketing systems derived from gaming, which can be adapted to other areas of activity, because Newton has managed to identify methods of customer loyalty, regardless of whether the operator is in the field of gambling or not.

Many businesses primarily need an advanced, secure and fluid management system. Through its success in the gambling industry, Newton knows that it is the ideal partner that can offer its customers the most complex and dynamic management system through construction and operation, and also the simplest and safest way to apply it.

The goal of any business is proper control and guidance, which can be largely supported by an innovative system. By using an advanced management system, we thank not only our operators, but also their customers who will have a better experience, implicitly a guaranteed success of the business.

Newton returns with a new revolutionary concept
NEWTON system

The Newton system has often been called an “all in one” system because it offers Jackpot, Happy Hour, Monitoring, Accounting, Security, Loyalty and Promotion functions. Basically, it is the ideal partner for those who want to set up their own business, or in many cases, its improvement and development.

The new direction that the company is developing is achieved by using knowledge about retention and revenue optimization to the advantage of economic operators outside the field of gambling. The system will be based on AI (artificial intelligence) technology, using machine learning to streamline the income of gambling operators in relation to the player.

It will also offer a revolutionary option to economic operators from other business areas who want to make raffles and promotional activities for their customers, ensuring both the technological and the legal part.

System entirely based on cloud enterprise (Kubernetes)

Security is a common problem for many companies, realizing the accelerated growth and diversification of the security risks they face, but also the fact that they do not have the necessary internal skills to develop, integrate and manage an efficient security architecture..

Newton has won the trust of customers through its security system from the beginning, but through its improvements it will be able to protect people, data and infrastructure at a higher level. Newton’s enterprise security protects identities, manages access, stops threats with integrated, automated protection, and applications and resources will be secured in the cloud. This system actually provides enhanced security through a simpler process.

The new system will offer unlimited scalability and no
. Operators have discovered the efficiency and productivity offered by Newton equipment, but with the technological evolution, it wants to offer its customers unlimited possibilities. The system will be able to provide improved results when additional resources are added, so it will support a higher load volume and allow its expansion without failures.

Newton returns with a new revolutionary concept
newton sistem

Customers should also have an uninterrupted, unforeseen experience. This eliminates the time when the system is unavailable or offline.
This is the result of a system malfunction due to an unplanned event or routine maintenance. Through the new system, Newton aims to eliminate any unplanned outages (breakdowns or communications failures), thus offering a top experience to current customers and future operators. In addition, it will support at least one million slots.

Extensive improvements to the data collection system and maximized latency

An interesting feature offered by the system includes Android and iOS applications with real time push notifications, which will give users the possibility to always be notified about all the necessary information.

Newton is a company that has a very good understanding of data sources and their quality, which offers the possibility to integrate their granularity to the minute as well as real-time game statistics.
With the acquisition and provision of real-time data, latency is greatly improved when it comes to the process of data collection, incrementing and awarding jackpots and the generation of various reports.

Increased data flow

The new system will feature an increased data flow that will be achieved through the Business Intelligence platform that allows the analysis of large volumes of data, online analytical processing, queries and reporting. If until now companies had to turn to the IT department to obtain these reports and analyzes, now they can be accessed through the BI system, in an independent way.
Along with the improvement of the security system, the anti fraud system will be upgraded to the new legislative changes that will provide high security to both the player and the game operator.

newton new

The Newton team knows how important it is to provide its operators with impeccable business solutions, so that customer needs will always be at the forefront. The desire for uniqueness implicitly brings the need for innovation, and Newton is ready to continue to be the ideal business partner for operators in the gambling industry but also opens its doors to other areas of activity.

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