I have built a team in Romania that can compete with any corporate team in the world.

How was the Newton project initiated?

When I started Newton project, I was coming out of a strenuous situation in my life and this project has pulled me through. I have always looked at me as a competitive individual, launching such challenge was exactly what I wanted. The first stage focused on selling slot machines on the Romanian market and then we went on and had the Total Control and Jackpot 3.0 project, which effaced everything we had done. And I do not mean the financial component of the project, but only the level of performance. At first, Newton company brought a rather raw software, not necessarily suitable for the needs in Romania.

What are those needs you are talking about?

There are worldwide a large number of offers for this specific service, either pricier or low cost, some better and others less good, as there is no clear and concrete equation of how to have a transparent evaluation. It is obvious that any market shares certain specifics and not so far ago, the only need of a jackpot system for Romania was one and only, i.e. to be in trend with the neighbors. The large companies, with a lot of experience on other markets, came and implemented various jackpot systems here, except that these systems should not be looked at as only some monitors connected to a PC. As I was saying, these systems were at a premium, just because they were new to the clients. Many operators saw them as ‘lifebelts’ when they realized that the slot proposal for a hall cannot be any different. When Newton penetrated the Romanian market, with the Jackpot 2.0 system, I became aware that a rudimentary system working with an installed application and a small fridge size computer was not what I wanted from such project.

What were the next steps?

As any project should start, we conducted a market survey. Luckily, thanks to my connections in the industry, I had access to many people with a vast relevant experience. Because I respect expertise, I went to each one and identified the vital components that were to be a ‘must have’ for the system we were about to create.

What are these and why are they so important?

I can enumerate but do not claim to be exhaustive about them. We have evaluated the following components to be part of a reliable system.
PORTABILITY. In a world always moving, it is necessary that a system be accessible from any device. It should be not a problem if you have a iPhone, Android, Tablet or PC. The system must be accessible from anywhere.
SAFETY. Due to the fact that we used the Newon Jackpot 2.0 nucleus, safety had been tested for years. Data are coded with the same technique as when you are paying with your card. Similar with the banks taking care of your money, so the Newton system takes care of the data of its clients.
FLEXIBILITY. This is where I have played the biggest role in this entire project. I managed to get the team understand that our partners must be a priority and their needs our first concern when we start our working day. I do not want to seem an overstatement, but there were moments when we also worked on Sunday nights when needed. We know that no good things come easily and that extra minute, extra centimeter make the difference between place 1 and 2. And everyone knows that nobody will remember the name of the people who lost but only of the winners’. This was the philosophy guiding our efforts, which will always stick in our minds from now on.

My understanding is that you used to be part of the Advisory Board of ONJN and participated in devising the norms. Is the Newton system compliant with the Office requirements?

First, I would like to clarify the following aspect. I took part in the Advisory Board meetings as a Vice-president of AOPJNR and not as a representative of a company. During my visits to ONJN office, I found out that one of our competitors was promoting the idea that this Office was devising the norms about the systems in comparison to their system. This is the most aberrant idea ever, since all the discussions are recorded and the Office is very clear that it is not the interests of a company to be represented, but of the Romanian state’s. However, even though I might be in disagreement with certain operators in Romania, I personally appreciate the ONJN’s openness in giving us the opportunity to explain the needs of the private sector. This attitude makes me believe that there are things in Romania that happen as they should. To answer your question, the system is in total compliance with the Office criteria, although there are still some specific needs that will not be difficult to implement.

Your future plans include a stepping down. Where did this decision come from?

I would not call it a step down, but rather an accomplished mission. When I started working with Newton, I assumed certain objectives that have been met. I have built a team in Romania that can compete with any corporate team in the world. At present, the structure here includes real departments for each component of this business. In the following months, we will have a Customer Department, which will only focus on solving the potential issues of the operators.

Why would choose the Romanian operators the Newton system?

As we have always wanted the best, I can assure you that the Newton system is the best in Romania. I do not know how many people are aware of this information. But the need of ONJN to permanently have the gaming means present in the system has turned into a stipulation in the implementation norms of EGO 92, which notifies that this connection with each gaming means will have to stop the game. In other words, the operators will understand how important it is to have a system you can rely on, since you cannot afford to have a game blocked when you have to pay 3,000 euros in fees for that game. We have already started a territorial streamlining program, which means a very short response time.

What are the functions provided by the Newton system?

As called by some visitors of our stand at ICE Totally Gaming 2015, the Newton system is ‘all in one’. The system provides functions of Jackpot, Happy Hour, Monitoring, Accounting, Safety, Loyalty building and Promotion. For any operator striving to develop his own business, we are offering the ideal online partner.

What does the future hold for you?

The future proves an even bigger challenge. I have been involved in a project started in Germany. It is about the development of a new concept of slot machine that will completely disrupt the worldwide gambling market. Should everything goes as planned, we will reach the destination in maximum 5 years, you will see a totally changed environment. There is a need for change that I have not neglected and I believe in it so much that I am willing to take big steps to take it where it belongs. It will be a surprise and hope to match this challenge. Until then, I will get myself involved in implementing the Newton plans and let all the operators who know me in person that they will always have my support.

What are the future plans for Newton?

Newton Project is surging. A new system is being worked hard on. What I can tell you is that this project is called Newton 4.0 and will be different than anything on the Romanian market. This will be the promoter of a new era, as it is focused on the possibility of each user be singular, while providing the most flexible system. The desire for uniqueness implicitly brings the idea of innovation. We will keep being innovative as before, by bringing impeccable business solutions.


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