NOVOMATIC România sărbătorește NOVOMATIC Romania celebrates

NOVOMATIC Romania celebrates 30 years of success, marked with responsibility and by supporting our business partners.

NOVOMATIC Romania celebrates 30 years this year, during this time it has consolidated its position as market leader in the gambling industry and has successfully integrated the ADMIRAL, TIP & CASH and brands on the Romanian market. As a sign of responsibility for the current situation and for the safety of all, NOVOMATIC Romania decided to support business partners through anniversary offers and social responsibility actions.

NOVOMATIC România sărbătorește

NOVOMATIC AG celebrates 40 years of innovation, success and entrepreneurial ability, years that have lead the business through periods of achievement, evolution and trials. At the same time, NOVOMATIC Romania celebrates 30 years in which it has consolidated its position as a market leader, in a year full of challenges for the business environment. Although it seemed intimidating at first, because all the plans for this year were reconsidered, it proved to be a unique opportunity for NOVOMATIC Romania to prove, once again, professionalism and ability to adapt to extreme situations.

Even in these delicate times, NOVOMATIC Romania was able to find solutions. Firstly, it kept its staff complete and safe, and secondly, it came to the support its partners with practical solutions, offers, advice and recommendations. These included measures to postpone the payment of instalments for sales contracts, suspension of rent until resumption of activity, sale and rental offers, but also an anniversary campaign, CELEBRATE & WIN TOGETHER with extra benefits and discounts up to at 30%, which were highly appreciated by partners.

Moreover, NOVOMATIC Romania signed new employment contracts, readapted campaigns and took over the operational part of the platform, in full pandemic.

“We wanted to celebrate this anniversary with the people with whom NOVOMATIC Romania has grown over the years. Regardless of the social or economic context, in moments of success or more difficult ones, we proved to be open to challenges and support each other. Our satisfaction is that, after three decades, despite the context generated by the pandemic, our customers and partners feel closer than ever.” said Valentin-Adrian GEORGESCU, CEO of NOVOMATIC Romania.

During this anniversary year, social responsibility actions took the place of the party.

The health, social and economic context determined NOVOMATIC Romania to reevaluate their business plans for this year. Thus, they decided to postpone the anniversary party and chose that the company’s efforts are directed towards protecting employees, customers and business partners, but also towards social responsibility actions.

NOVOMATIC România sărbătorește

“This year reminded us all that mutual support and care for those around us are at the core of the human essence. For now, we have decided that it is safest to give up the party scheduled for this year. Instead, we chose to mark this year in a unique way, but also useful for everyone. In addition to the programs and packages available to our customers and partners, we wanted to share a gift to the whole country. We chose a historical symbol of the country, which we purchased and which we will donate, further, to the National Museum of History of Romania, based on a collaboration you will hear about soon . Also to support culture and art, we have selected a Romanian artist awarded with numerous international distinctions to paint 100 canvases with elements of gambling, and we will give them to our partners who have been with us over the years,” added Valentin-Adrian GEORGESCU, CEO of NOVOMATIC Romania.

About NOVOMATIC Romania

NOVOMATIC Romania, part of the NOVOMATIC Group, one of the largest gaming technology companies in the world, has been successfully operating on the Romanian market for 30 years. The company is present in all sectors of the gambling industry: slot machines, sports betting, VLT (automatic lottery video game) provider, online games, payment processor, service, post service, spare parts, etc. NOVOMATIC Romania guides its business by the slogan: “We continue to innovate for your success!”, has the know-how of the NOVOMATIC Group and manages to ensure an international level of performance and professionalism, through solutions adapted to customer needs and requirements.

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